Introducing new personality colors! YAMAHA 2021 style “Vino”

YAMAHA JAPAN has announced a few days ago that it will launch the 2021-style new color of the retro-popular 50cc light-duty Vino, and it will be sold in Japan on March 3.

A total of four new colors will be launched for the 2021 style, which are vibrant and bright red, eye-catching and elegant beige, mature and stable with a bit of wild black, and modern elegant and warm brown, plus the continuous release There are as many as six body colors to choose from, such as metallic denim blue and light blue.

The Vino is a stylish speed-up car that focuses on expressing a sense of retro style. At the same time, it is also equipped with equipment that is quite convenient for daily commuting, such as front and rear interlocking brakes and idling stop systems.

2021 style Vino

Suggested price in Japan: 203,500 yen (tax included)

Battle red (red/new color)

Graphite black (black/new color)

Mahogany Metallic Brown (Brown/New Color)

Beige Camel (Beige/New Color)

Light blue

Metal denim blue

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