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Introduced in the fall of 2020. Explain the attractiveness and price of Toyota “Yarris Kroth”!

New compact car “Yaris” released by Toyota in February 2020. It is currently a popular car as it won the 1st place in the passenger car sales ranking in April 2020 (Self-sales Federation), but the SUV type “Yarrisk loss” is already added to the Yaris. Yarris Kroth is scheduled to be released around autumn 2020.

The SUV genre has a wide range, for example, from the ability to drive on rough roads to the cars that are tailored to SUVs by installing wide fenders and large diameter tires on existing models. Yarisk loss basically follows the latter flow, but looking at the recently released prototype of Yarisk loss, it seems that it is not an SUV that simply adds parts to the base Yaris. In this article, I would like to explain in detail the attractiveness of such yaris kloss.

First, the appearance of Yarisk Ross is quite different from Yaris. The angle of the bonnet is smaller than that of Yaris, and it is close to horizontal. Therefore, the Yarisk Ross front mask is thick, giving it a strong SUV-like presence.

The body side has a straight tone and is sharper than the rounded Yaris. Black resin parts are attached around the arch of the fender where the tires fit and under the body to emphasize the SUV-likeness. The tail lamp has a horizontally long shape and emphasizes the wide feeling compared to the Yaris. Yarisk Ross uses the car name of Yaris, but the front, back, left and right of the body have been remodeled significantly.

The body size announced as a prototype of Yarisk Ross is 4,180 mm in total length, 1,765 mm in overall width, and 1,560 mm in overall height. It is a number 3 car because its overall width exceeds 1,700mm, and its body size is 240mm longer, 70mm wider and 60mm higher than the Yaris.

In addition, the wheelbase is 2,560 mm, which is 10 mm longer than Yaris, because the prototype of Yarris Kroth has different measurement methods due to the overseas specifications of the left-hand drive. Even if the wheelbase is extended by 10 mm, the habitability and running stability are almost unchanged. Therefore, when yaris loss is sold in Japan, the wheelbase may be the same 2,550 mm as yaris.

Furthermore, the total height of 1,560 mm may be changed. Considering the circumstances of multi-storey car parks in Japan, it is easier to use if the total height is kept below 1,550 mm. City SUVs such as the Toyota “C-HR”, Mazda “CX-30”, and Subaru “XV” have a total height of 1,550 mm or less.

The tire size is 18 inches (215 / 50R18), and the brand is “Dunlop EnaSave EC300 +”. Larger size than the 14-16 inch Yaris.

Due to the difference in tire size, the minimum ground clearance of Yaris Kloss is as high as 165-175 mm. Since Yaris’s minimum ground clearance is 130 to 160 mm, it is easy to get over a rough road such as an SUV in a yarisk loss. Also, even if there is a step when getting off from the parking lot to the roadway, the risk of rubbing underneath will be less if Yarisk loss.

Although the basic layout of the Yarris Kross instrument panel is similar to that of Yarris, the texture of Yarris Kroth slightly exceeds that of Yarris Kross due to the difference in decorations. The habitability of the front seats is almost the same as that of Yaris, but the rear seats have slightly improved yarisk loss. The foot space in the rear seats is the same as Yaris, but it is slightly smaller, but the indoor height increases slightly.

The shape of the ceiling is also extended to the rear compared to Yaris, so the overhead space in the rear seats is likely to expand slightly. Along with this, if the distance between the floor and the seat surface is increased, Yaris’s sitting posture, such as the fall of his waist, is slightly eliminated, and the comfort of the rear seats is likely to increase.

Also, the wheelbase is the same as Yaris, but the overall length is extended by 240 mm, so the rear overhang becomes longer. Therefore, it is considered that the cargo area will be larger than that of Yaris.

The main mechanism and platform are the same as for Yaris. As for the engine, a lineup will be made of a normal type of inline 3-cylinder 1.5L and a hybrid. The drive system is front wheel drive 2WD and 4WD. By the way, the hybrid 4WD uses the “E-Four,” which drives the rear wheels with a motor.

Comparing the car weights of Yarisk loss and Yaris, the Yarisk loss is about 40kg heavier due to the SUV and the expansion of the body. Perhaps because of that, the basic 1L engine adopted by Yaris is not installed. The Yaris 1.5L engine has plenty of power, so you won’t feel the power shortage even if the body becomes heavier.

The mechanism that attracts attention is the “radar cruise control,” which is a driving support function that can automatically control the distance between vehicles. In Yaris, since the parking brake is a lever type, it will be canceled if the speed falls below 30 km / h. However, Yarisk Ross’ parking brake is electrically operated by a switch (the switch is mounted in the central part of the driver’s seat and the passenger seat). After stopping automatically while following the preceding vehicle, the parking brake automatically operates when the stop time is prolonged. To that end, Yarris Kroth’s radar cruise control is upgraded to “all vehicle speed following type”.
Yaris Kross is an SUV that was developed based on Yaris, but its presence, appearance, and driving support functions are widely improved. In that case, the price is likely to be about 170,000 to 250,000 yen higher than Yaris’ advanced grade “Z”.

It is expected that the price of 2WD will be around 210 to 2.18 million yen for vehicles equipped with a normal engine and 2.47 to 2.55 million yen for hybrid vehicles. The rival Honda “Fit Kloster” is 1,938,200 yen for vehicles with inline 4-cylinder 1.3L normal engine and 2,288,000 yen for vehicles with e: HEV (1.5L hybrid). Honda’s compact SUV “Vezel” is priced at 2,205,093 yen for the “X Honda SENSING” grade equipped with a 1.5L normal engine and 2,586,018 yen for the “HYBRID X Honda SENSING” grade. In addition, Toyota’s compact SUV “Rise” has a serial 3-cylinder 1L turbo “Z” grade of 2.06 million yen (both drive systems are 2WD).

The price of Yarisk Ross will be higher than Fit Kloster and Rise, but cheaper than Vezel. If the price of Yarris Kross exceeds the price of the wide bezel inside the car or the luggage compartment, it will be overvalued, but if it is set appropriately, it will be popular.

Nowadays, compact cars occupy around 25% of new cars sold as new cars, but because it is a hot selling category, the number of users who feel unsatisfactory and seek individuality has increased. Therefore, the compact SUV is gaining popularity. Although the share of SUVs has increased compared to the previous years, the ratio is about 15%, so there is room for future growth compared to compact cars. The potential for yaris kloss is hidden there.


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