Introduced by recipe taste!15 popular hot soup spa recipes

Introduced by recipe taste!15 popular hot soup spa recipes

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3 Soup Spa Recipes for Rich[Tomato Soup]

1. Plenty of shrimp flavor.Americaine Soup Spa

Americaine Soup Spa served on an oval-shaped plate

Source:E ・ Recipe

The soup spa with Americaine sauce, made by stir-frying shrimp shells, is a luxurious dish with rich flavor and richness. It takes a little time to make the sauce, but the taste is exceptional. If you entwin the rich sauce with the pasta, your house will turn into a restaurant ♪

2. Make with one bread.Minestrone soup spa

Minestrone soup spa served on a white plate


The soup spa made with minestrone, which is full of vegetables, is perfect for eating. You can enjoy it as a soup spa by utilizing the surplus soup. It’s a one-pan recipe that puts pasta in a soup pot and stews it, so it’s perfect for short-time cooking.

3. Mellow ♪ Salmon tomato cream soup spa


A recipe for a soup spa where you can enjoy both the sourness of tomatoes and the richness of fresh cream. The point is to stir-fry the salmon first so that it doesn’t crumble. Why don’t you arrange it fashionably and enjoy your holiday brunch?

3 rich[cream soup]soup spa recipes

4. Gentle sweetness.Corn cream soup spa

Corn cream soup spa served on a round plate


The gentle sweetness of the cream soup spa is a menu that children love. You can easily make it using a can of corn cream. The creamy soup made with milk warms up with each sip. Adults should enjoy the taste accent with black pepper.

5. Plenty of vegetables.Bacon and spinach soup spa

Bacon and spinach soup spa in a yellow bowl

Source:E ・ Recipe

A recipe for soup pasta that uses 1/2 bunch of spinach for one person. Spinach loses its bulk when heated, so it’s nice to be able to eat a lot at once. Even people who are not good at vegetables can enjoy it.

6. Yuzu scent.Japanese-style soymilk soup spa of seven herbs

Japanese-style soy milk soy milk soup spa of seven herbs served on a blue round plate


A rich dish that adds richness with cheese to a mellow soup based on soy milk. What a seven herbs are used for the ingredients. The seven herbs that are often used for porridge match surprisingly with cream soup. By using mentsuyu as a secret ingredient and topping with yuzu, the taste is slightly Japanese and elegant.

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