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Intex steam cushion – The technology cushion has many advantages

People often know that Intex is a new cushion with many improvements when applying technology, with many differences compared to traditional cushions such as: durable, compact, supporting good sleep …

The highlight of the Intex air cushion is the convenience, you can pump the air easily thanks to the pumps, it only takes a few minutes to pump you have a soft inflated mattress, a few minutes of discharge is available. Can be folded neatly in the cabinet to save space or bring travel, picnic. In addition, its differences also come from technology, design, materials, .. let’s find out in detail.

Incorporating new technology Fiber Tech – For maximum comfort

FIber Tech is a new generation technology, instead of using springs as traditional buffers, it has a structure of thousands of Polyester fibers to bear the load, these fibers are highly durable so will not be affected by load tension, limiting deformation during long-term use and better air circulation leading to a smoother sleep.

Thanks to this innovation, the Intex steam cushions are 2 times more durable, support 35% better sleep, and up to 15% lighter.

Smart design meets all needs

Intex steam cushion There are a variety of products, each designed with special priorities, to serve the most customers.

For example, with the top cushioning line for comfort, designed with many layers of anti-puncture, soft contours, good bearing capacity. Or the cushions are towards luxury, it is designed with horizontal beams instead of vertical beams like other mattresses.

In addition, it also has an inflatable design right inside the bed, creating convenience for users.

New technology self-inflating steam bed with INTEX 64448 headboard

New technology self-inflating steam bed with INTEX 64448 headboard

The secret to choosing the perfect Intex steam cushion

What is your needs definition?

As mentioned, there are many types of Intex steam mattresses that are designed to serve a variety of needs.

If your need is just a single mattress, compact, convenient for use in motels, moving back and forth or traveling, the steam mattresses size 76cm, 99cm, cost 500 thousand is right for you.

But if your needs are luxurious, smooth cushions for 2 users, the cushions with thick texture, soft edges, height and large size will suit you.

Please share your needs with the counselor.

Double steam cushion new technology 1m37 INTEX 64758

Double steam cushion new technology 1m37 INTEX 64758

Determine which size, budget is right for you?

Intex steam mattress has many different sizes such as 76cm, 99cm, 1m37, 1m52, … to suit each appropriate area. Before buying, you can measure how much space to buffer? Then ask the counselor, they will help you.

Intex steam mattress also has many prices, from 500,000 to 4 million VND. Each price will have different improvements such as design, materials, … Please determine your maximum budget that can be spent to buy? Then choose the right product.

Double steam cushion new technology 1m83 INTEX 64735

Double steam cushion new technology 1m83 INTEX 64735

Although there are many advantages, but Intex steam cushion also has some disadvantages

Do not use sharp objects to pierce it, it will tear the mattress. Also, you should not swing vigorously above the mattress. Understand that disadvantage, when buying genuine, you will be given a set of glue and a 12-month warranty from the store, repair support.

Intex steam cushions are great, if you want to own one right away, go to, because this is the exclusive distributor of Intex brand in Vietnam, with 10 branches. all the country. If you do not know, Intex is a large corporation in the world, has existed for 54 years – is a well-known name in the industry providing high quality inflatable products.

Coming to, you will experience a wide range of leather products. In addition to air mattresses, there are also steam chairs, swim buoys, swimming goggles, steam boats, … which will surely meet all the needs you expect. want. Long-term warranty service under the company’s policy, repair support, gifts when buying. store information

  • Exclusive distributor: INTEX Vietnam Company Limited
  • Website:
  • Phone: 1800.6598 (free)

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