Interview with Yusuke Tomazawa, producer of “Legend of Breaking Dawn”

The birth of “Tales of Arise” has gone through twists and turns. Not only did it decide halfway to add PS5 and Xbox Series X/S next-generation console versions to the embarrassment, but also because of the new crown epidemic, the development work was delayed, which could not be imagined at the beginning. On sale in 2020.

However, in general, the time between this game and the initial exposure is not too long. Compared with the “habitual offenders” in Europe and the United States, it is completely acceptable, and the content currently released by the production team does indeed reflect the original. The work has made great progress in terms of screen effects and other aspects, showing an extraordinary texture, which has won unanimous praise from players all over the world.

Some time ago, we were fortunate to have an online interview with Mr. Yusuke Tosawa, the producer of “Legend of Breaking Dawn”, and asked him to introduce some information related to game development and content features. The following is a full record of the interview.

“Legend of Dawn” Producer Tosawa Yusuke

—— This work first appeared at E3 in 2019. It was originally scheduled to be released in 2020, and it may be delayed due to the epidemic. What is the current development status and what are the main changes compared to when it was first released in 2019?

Fuze Yusuke: Generally speaking, it is currently in the final stage of development. The main focus is on the improvement of the overall quality and the adjustment of the features and functions of the next-generation mainframe. The degree of completion is about 80% to 90%.

Compared with the 2019 version, first of all, the stability and overall performance of the game have been greatly improved, the game experience is more stable, and the quality of all aspects is better. In addition, in the past year, we have also implemented support for PS5 and XSX/S next-generation consoles, which can provide players with a better and smoother gaming experience.

—— Has the next generation version been taken into consideration when the production of “Legend of Breaking Dawn” just started?

Yusuke Tomizawa: Not at all. After all, PS5 and XSX/S have not been released in 2019. In addition, the development of “Legend of Breaking Dawn” actually started in 2016 and 2017. At that time, there was no next generation. Information about the host.

Speaking of it, we are actually at a time when the game release date in 2020 has not been finalized. For the sake of improving the game experience, and after comprehensively judging many other factors, we believe that it is completely possible to increase the support for the next-generation console, so the final decision is Make a next-generation version.

—— There are still many players in mainland China who may be more concerned about the PC version of the game. Could you please introduce the relevant situation?

Tosawa Yusuke: Indeed, we have been selecting some works from the “Legend” series to land on the PC platform, starting with “Legend of Passion” in 2015. Thanks to the support of players from all over the world, the popularity of the system has been improved to a certain extent, and more new users are attracted to pay attention to our works. Therefore, in the early stages of development of “Legend of Dawn”, it has been decided that a PC version will be produced.

First of all, a major feature of the PC version is that it can adjust the game performance more flexibly according to different hardware environments. Therefore, the PC version of “Legend of Dawn” can get better game performance with the support of high-end PC hardware. The situation has undergone special adjustments. Please PC players look forward to the effect of the final product.

—— Since there is a current-generation version and a next-generation version for the mainframe version, can you introduce the main differences between the two versions? In addition to the picture quality, does the next-generation version have advantages in terms of reading time, unique features, etc.?

Tomizawa Yusuke: In general, the most obvious advantage of the next-generation version is that it supports the largest 4K resolution screen. Because we used a unique image rendering technology called “Atmos Shaders” in “Legend of Breaking Dawn” to build the art tone of the game. This is not a purely pursuit of realistic effects, but to create a unique image. An airy watercolor painting atmosphere.

Therefore, when playing games with a huge 4K resolution screen, I believe players will be able to feel the pressure and powerful courage from the screen more clearly. Players who like this game experience are welcome to look forward to the actual effect.

In addition, the next-generation version also supports a maximum frame rate of 60FPS. After all, another major feature of the “Legend” series is the dynamic battle scenes. When fighting in a 60FPS environment, you can obviously get a better gaming experience. It is strongly recommended that those who like to enjoy the battle process choose to support 60FPS performance first. mode. Players can freely choose the “Picture Priority” mode that supports 4K resolution or the “Performance Priority” mode with a higher frame rate. This is one of the unique features of the next-generation version.

In addition, the encounter mode of this game adopts the form of encounters. With the support of SSD, the reading time of the next generation version becomes very short, so that players can get a smoother game experience.

Finally, for those players who have bought the current version of the physical disc, they can upgrade the game to the PS5 version for free in the future. Even if there is no next-generation console in their hands, they can get corresponding upgrades in the future. In terms of screen performance, the current console version is fixed at 30FPS.

Editor’s note: Regarding the PS5 and PS4 versions of the game. Players who purchase the PS4 version can upgrade to the PS5 version for free to play (players who purchase the physical version of the PS4 cannot upgrade to the PS5 digital version of the console). As long as you purchase the digital version of PS5 from the PS Store, you can download the PS4 version without additional payment. When performing platform conversion, you must have a PSN account and confirm the host storage space and network connection environment.

—— Producers of Fuze often emphasize that the theme of this work is “Inheritance and Evolution”. In the “Evolution” section, we can see the obvious improvement in picture quality and support for next-generation consoles. Then the theme of “Inheritance” is How is it reflected in “Legend of Breaking Dawn”?

Yusuke Tomizawa: What we value most about the “Legend” series is the touch and growth that players get by substituting themselves into the characters in the game, as well as the support and empathy for the characters from the bottom of their hearts. This is the core of the whole series. Where the value lies. Therefore, no matter how the screen and combat system changes, we always hope that players can get a similar moving experience from the game. Of course, “Legend of Breaking Dawn” also adheres to this production concept, please rest assured.

Of course, in addition to this, although the graphics and combat system have undergone great changes and evolution, the inherent elements of the series like Mystic Artes, which is Mystic Artes, are still intact. As long as they are actually played by hand, they will be produced. It feels like “It’s still the taste of “Legend”, “It’s great to keep these things.” No matter how the form of expression changes, we have always made various adjustments in order to allow players to experience both “inheritance and evolution” at the same time.

—— Colleagues whose picture quality has been fully improved, the various details of character modeling have also been enriched. As a player, I am glad to see these advancements, but from a developer’s point of view, does it mean a significant increase in development time and difficulty? When watching the promotional video, I also felt that the character’s dynamics and facial expressions were much more complicated than before.

Tosawa Yusuke: Yes, the character dynamic details, modeling details and other content are originally one of the main features of “Legend of Dawn”. At the beginning, I mainly hoped to show the charm of the characters in line with the characteristics of the “Legend” series again on the platforms of the current and next-generation consoles. Based on this starting point, an unprecedented amount of detail was added to the character design, and the overall degree of completion is quite comparable. high.

It is precisely because of this that, as you mentioned just now, the content including the dynamic details of the character’s face, the number of polygons, and the dynamic performance have been significantly improved compared with the previous works. In order to better satisfy those players who have a soft spot for the dramatic cutscenes of the “Legend” series, we have done a lot in this regard.

—— Here are a few questions about the game map. First of all, compared with the previous works, is there any change in the area and complexity of the map in this work? In addition, according to public information, “Legend of Breaking Dawn” did not use the industry’s popular open world map design. What is the reason for this?

Tosawa Yusuke: First of all, let’s talk about the basic design concept of the map. The core idea is of course to hope that the map has a gorgeous sense of shine, and the second is to create a three-dimensional feeling that can make people want to explore. A lot of energy has been devoted to each aspect. In addition, jumping, sprinting, and swimming are also added, which have not appeared in previous works, so that players can more freely enjoy a more in-depth map exploration process. Including the design of the labyrinth, we also adhere to the same concept, and there are many maps with a very significant three-dimensional effect.

In addition, you also mentioned the issue of “open world”. First of all, “Legend of Breaking Dawn” is not the kind of game that keeps pioneering on the map, but a game that follows the development of the story in a relatively free form to open up the world. In fact, in the early stages of development, we also tried to make some experimental open world maps, but later discovered that the backbone of this series is, in the final analysis, characters and storylines. Players can gain experiences such as touch and courage while following the protagonist’s adventures. These feelings are This is the most important value of the series.

So from the perspective of the overall experience of the game, more energy should be put on how to highlight the story at a reasonable pace and at the right time. Therefore, we finally decided not to adopt an open world solution in the map design.

However, as mentioned earlier, in the initial stage of verifying more free map play, we determined the theme of greater height difference and more free exploration methods, so we also added a lot of exploration side tasks. (Although it is not an open world map), there is still a significant improvement in the freedom of exploration compared with previous works.

—— Producer Fuze mentioned in some other interviews that the map exploration in “Legend of Breaking Dawn” is more action-oriented. Could you please introduce this part in detail?

Tosawa Yusuke: In addition to the map interactive actions such as jumping, sprinting, and swimming mentioned just now, there are also some special map interactive content, such as a place with a significant height difference. At first glance, there is no road, but in fact, you can jump. To the water below, or a mountain stream that needs to be sprinted + jumped to pass. Generally speaking, we hope that players can explore the map by using these easy interactive designs. The pursuit of high difficulty does not conform to our philosophy. It is obviously more important to allow players to move naturally on the map.

In this way, when the character climbs over a huge obstacle, it may fall or fail. We are looking forward to the player’s reaction when seeing this kind of scene. Players of the “Legend” series always have strong feelings for the characters in the game when they are playing games. In order to strengthen this kind of interaction, we have strengthened the interactive content on the map to a certain extent.

—— From the perspective of the world, “Legend of Breaking Dawn”, like many previous works in the series, adopts the setting of two worlds. Can you tell us about the specific situation of the two planets Reina and Dana where this story happened?

Tomize Yusuke: As you said, this is indeed the setting. First of all, Dana is a place full of natural scenery and idyllic. On the other hand, Reina is just the opposite, with advanced technology and magical skills. About 300 years ago when the game’s story took place, Reina launched an attack on Dana and annexed it within a short period of time. Since then, the people of Dana have become slaves of the Reina people, enslaved by the latter. After this situation lasted for 300 years, the game’s story officially began.

Although the previous “Legend” series of games often appeared similar to two mutually opposed world settings, but in “Legend of Breaking Dawn” the player’s position at the beginning of the game will be particularly painful, and the road to adventure is also particularly difficult. It is hoped that the protagonist’s excitement of persisting in striving and pursuing freedom in such a difficult environment can be clearly conveyed to the players. The story is unfolded in such an atmosphere.

But you don’t have to worry about whether the experience of “Legend of Breaking Dawn” will be a big gap from the previous “Legend” series, and it will completely become another game. On the whole, the game is still the same as before. It is a colorful fantasy world. There is a lot of content waiting for players to discover. Everyone can still get a familiar game experience that meets the usual characteristics of the “Legend” series.

—— Next is the question about the combat system. The “evasion” and counterattack actions in the actual machine video left a deep impression on me. This is also the first system adopted in the “Legend” series. But there is also a little worry that will lead players who are good at playing action games to easily achieve a non-injury victory?

Tosawa Yusuke: Yes, the more players who are good at playing action games, the more obvious the effect of avoiding actions. The reason why I decided to join this system this time is first of all because although the combat experience of the entire “Legend” series has always emphasized action, the overall rhythm of the previous works still emphasizes the attributes of RPG and orthodox action games. Compared with the slow pace of the battle, people still stare at the action slot during the battle and wait for it to fill up. There are many designs like this.

And this time we decided to improve the action experience of the game, including the operating feel and system feedback for the player’s operation, hoping to make the player feel the rhythm of the game more intuitively. So at a very early stage, we decided to add “evasion + counterattack” this more distinctive combo to the combat system.

In response to your concerns, first of all, it can be guaranteed that a completely harmless battle is almost impossible. For example, the enemy will make a large-scale attack, or the shaking time before the attack is very short, not to mention the starting point. This system is not added to allow players to defeat the enemy without injury. All in all, I hope that players who like action games can get a more refreshing combat experience through this evasion system and enjoy the process of the game.

Of course, even players who are not good at action games, with a little practice, can quickly adapt to the avoidance system and get a good game experience. We have carried out special debugging for this.

—— In addition to evasive action, the swiftness and speed of the character’s actions are also fresh in my memory. Coupled with amplifying attacks and amplifying attacks with great power and full special effects, the picture effects have become very complicated. In this case, no matter which platform can maintain a stable number of frames?

Yusuke Tomizawa: Yes, the booster attack and booster attack in “Legend of Breaking Dawn” were made from the very beginning on the principle of extraordinary courage and a strong sense of excitement to the players. As for the problem of excessive special effects that you are worried about, there may be fewer chances of that situation first, and of course we also fully understand the concern of action game players on the stability of the screen and the number of frames.

Therefore, we have never avoided this problem. We will precisely control the total amount of special effects, and then repeatedly test how the number of frames will change when all the special effects appear together, and how the animation effects give people the feeling of waiting for the variables to be achieved little by little. The best balance. The reason why we have spent several years of continuous fine-tuning is to allow players to get a smooth gaming experience during the game. This has been fully confirmed during our trial play process. Please have a good experience for everyone. Prepared new special effects and smooth screen performance.

—— There are still a few months before the release, what development work will be left next? Do you plan to provide a trial version?

Fuze Yusuke: There are still some quality adjustments. In addition to the BUG work, the other is the optimization of the special functions of the next-generation version. The content part has been basically completed.

As for the issue of the trial version, which format is most beneficial to players, we are still discussing this point, and we have not yet reached a final conclusion. In the future, we will collect feedback from players, but also hope to take into account the rhythm and effect of the promotion, and finally give players a satisfactory answer.

—— Thank you for accepting our interview.

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