Interview with the “Sister of Tumbler” Feng Jiachen: The smiles of tourists are the greatest encouragement

2020-01-18 10:57:26Beijing News Reporter: Xu Meihui Editor: Li Guojun
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Interview with the “Sister of Tumbler” Feng Jiachen: The smiles of tourists are the greatest encouragement

2020-01-18 10:57:26Beijing News Reporter: Xu Meihui

One person, one city, one fan, one dance. She is a net red “business card” of a thousand-year-old city and a young actor who knows “cold and warm”.

Beijing News (Reporter Xu Meihui) Feng Jiachen, the “Sister of the Tumbler” in Xi’an Datang City, has been popular all over the country recently. At the New Year’s Eve event in Datang City, yesterday (January 17), she made her debut with the new performance “Dunhuang Feitian”.

A reporter from the Beijing News learned at the scene that the “fans” surrounding her were from all over the country. They were not far away, just to get a glimpse of “Miss Tumbler”. Tourist Ms. Han told reporters, “I came here from Shenzhen deliberately, just to see this younger sister.”

After the New Year’s Eve performance, a reporter from the Beijing News interviewed Feng Jiachen, the “Missing Tumbler” in the background, and asked her to talk about the story behind the “popular red” on the Internet.

At the New Year’s Eve event in the Great Tang City, Feng Jiachen was performing the “Dunhuang Feitian” program (the previous one was Feng Jiachen). Photo courtesy of Qujiang New District

Talk about yourself

I like to dance since I was a child, and I want to be a dancer after graduation

Beijing News:Why did the new show “Dunhuang Feitian” be performed instead of the hottest “Tumbler” on New Year’s Eve?

Feng Jiachen:“Dunhuang Feitian” is a new performance launched by Datang City. There is also a very chance coincidence that I want to share with you. When I went to record the show, the host Sabenin mentioned that the director of the Palace Museum Wang Xudong suggested that we start a new project in the block called “Dunhuang Feitian”. Coincidentally, we had planned such a project at that time. ‘S performance, so decided to debut this program on this New Year’s Eve.

I will continue to perform the “Tumbler” performance. In fact, the performance of “Tumbler” is only a part of our performance. All performance art performances in the block of (Great Tang Night City) require the participation of each of our actors. Including the newly launched “Dunhuang Feitian” performance is our exploration of new programs and new performances.

Beijing News:How did you get in touch with dance performances? Are you from a class?

Feng Jiachen:I’m not a dance major. I majored in preschool education. But I have been particularly interested in dancing since I was a child, and have always considered dancing a hobby. After graduating from university in July 2018, I came here as a dancer out of my love for dance.

Beijing News:Why does everyone call you “Pickup Morning”?

Feng Jiachen:Because I especially like “Pikachu”, I think it is very cute. Later, when I named the net, I combined “Pikachu” with my own name. It was called “Pikachu”. I really like the friends around My name.

“Miss Tumbler” Feng Jiachen. Photo courtesy of Qujiang New District

On “Tumbler” Performance

Seeing the smiling faces of tourists is the greatest encouragement

Beijing News:When did the “Tumbler” show start?

Feng Jiachen:In fact, the performances of Datang Never Sleeping City have always been updated, such as the previous “Back to Chang’an” and the float parade. In July 2019, the block officially launched the “Tumbler” performance, began to screen actors from hundreds of people, and finally we had the honor to be selected, and began the “Tumbler” performance.

In the beginning, the performance of the “Tumbler” was not as frequent as it is now. Only after the float tour every day, we will arrange two “Tumbler” performances. But later, this show became more and more popular with tourists, we increased the frequency of performances, there are several shows every day.

When we first came into contact with the “Tumbler” performance, we felt very novel as actors, because this performance is different from other performance arts in the block. It is not static but dynamic. We need to interact with tourists a lot. Makes us feel fresh.

Beijing News:When it comes to interaction, there are many tourists who say that your interaction is “attentive.” Why do you say that?

Feng Jiachen:When we interact with tourists, we cannot use the same method for each tourist. We must observe their reactions in advance and then choose the appropriate interaction method. For example, if there is a child in front, because it may be relatively short, I need to shake it a bit larger, go to say hello to him, or give him a candy, the child will be particularly happy; if there are several children at the scene, I will Interaction as much as possible, so that some children do not think “Why did you say hello to that child, did you say hello to me?”

If there is a “Miss” (Madam) on the opposite side, I am particularly willing to reach out and hold hands with her, because I know that some tourists may come from all the way, I hope to meet their expectations as much as possible; if When I meet “little brother” (man), I usually go and give a fan, and sometimes I deliberately naughty, “teasing” him, but not interacting with him, but tourists will be very happy.

Seeing everyone’s smiles is the greatest encouragement for our actors.

Beijing News:What was the most difficult thing in the performance? How was it overcome?

Feng Jiachen:In fact, I’m the kind of “unbeatable Xiaoqiang”. If there is anything, I will pass. If you have to say something difficult, for our actors performing outdoor, it should be winter and summer. When the temperature is particularly high in summer, we are almost hitting the heat. When the weather is extremely cold, such as now, the costumes are relatively thin. We have posted a lot of “warm stickers” in order to “defend the cold.” In fact, facing the test of extreme weather, it is a difficulty that every actor must face, so I think our members are particularly good. After going through the trials of spring, summer, autumn, and winter, they have all come through.

Feng Jiachen thought that he was just an ordinary actor. Photo by Mocha-Lotus

Talking about “A man brought fire to a city”

I’m just a small business card, a small screw

Beijing News:Did you ever think that you would be so “fire” at first? What impact does this have on your work and life?

Feng Jiachen:I never expected that the performance of “Tumbler” was so popular with tourists. But I think this is a natural thing for an actor. We just hope that more people will pay attention to it through performance, let everyone see the content of our performance through the performance, and then use it to spread traditional culture.

Now the performance is much stronger than before, but I am also adapting. In addition, we will now do some publicity work, hoping that more people will follow our performance.

Beijing News:Some people have commented that your “Tumbler” performance is promoting the traditional Chinese culture in an innovative way. What do you think?

Feng Jiachen:In fact, this aspect of promoting traditional culture is not only me, but also the core purpose of the “Tumbler” performance. Our entire Datang City block is working hard to promote Chinese traditional culture in various ways. Many of the performances on the block are the fusion of ancient cultural elements and modern trends, attracting the attention of tourists, while watching the performance, tourists will pay attention to some stories, some culture behind the performance.

Beijing News:Some media commented that you “one person has set fire to a city”, how do you respond to this?

Feng Jiachen:A little “exaggerated.” In fact, I’m just an ordinary actor, just a member of the entire performance team. Our actors are just a small business card and a small screw to promote Xi’an culture. Every actor and every staff member has made a lot of efforts for this.

Our entire performance, including the entire street, was formed in the cultural background and historical background of the city of Xi’an. We all live in this city and serve the city. It is the city of Xi’an that gave birth to these cultures and nurtured Got us.

Beijing News:What plans and plans do you have for your future performances?

Feng Jiachen:In the future, the team may explore more ways to perform and present more exciting performances for tourists.

Beijing News reporter Xu Meihui

Editing Li Guojun Proofreading Wang Xin

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