Interview with the producer of “Journey of Light”: Why develop a platform jumping game

On April 13, at the 2021 Perfect World Game Strategy Conference, “Journey of Light” faced the public for the first time.

“Lumione” is a horizontal platform jumping game built by the Unreal 4 engine. In the game, players will operate the deep-sea elf Glimmer, step by step to explore the deep sea to pursue the light, and launch a test of wisdom and courage Journey of trials.

Recently, a video game bus reporter interviewed Zhong Chongshuo, the producer of “Journey to Light” at the headquarters of Perfect Group, and asked him to try the game for the reporter himself.

Zhong Chongshuo introduced that as a post-95, he loved to play platform action games on Sega MD since he was a child. Later, influenced by the university’s major in digital media technology, he developed the idea of ​​becoming a game producer. In order to chase his dream, he still gave up the opportunity to continue his studies and polished his first game-“The Journey of Light”.

Compared with the 8-bit Nintendo FC, the 16-bit MD platform is more powerful and smoother. Many excellent platform jumping games such as “Sonic” were born on it; it also left a lot of good memories and memories for Zhong Chongshuo. deep impression.

In 2018, Zhong Chongshuo is still in his junior year. By chance, I learned that Perfect World Games is holding a Game Jam called “China Young Generation Game Creative Competition”.

The competition was not only a charter wine, but the winners also had generous bonuses, so he took his own work “Pursue” to participate in the competition in Shanghai.

As a loyal fan of platform jumping games, “Pursue” is inspired by those MD platform jumping games that Zhong Chongshuo played when he was a child.

For example, the “Iwanna” series of mini games are known for their highly difficult level design. There are many cleverly designed mechanisms in the game. Players need to try multiple times to pass. The characters have no health bar setting. One hit kills. However, the player It can be challenged infinitely by resurrection. And some of the inspiration for “suffering” in “Pursue” also came from this.

At this Game Jam, Zhong Chongshuo’s work has won the favor of the on-site professional instructor team.

At that time, the official press release wrote: “After two days of real-time competitions, the Game Jam competition finally came to an end, and there were many outstanding works that were eye-catching.

For example, the work “Pursue” of the “Holy Light Bomb 3.0” team at Shanghai Station is a very characteristic and emotional horizontal parkour work. The gameplay is simple but very playable. In addition to the new method of light ball transmission, it is rare. It has the artistic expressive power of combining sound and picture. “

At the end of the competition, “Pursue” won the third place in the Game Jame group in Shanghai and nominated for the best technology award in the Demo group.

After graduating, Zhong Chongshuo joined Perfect World Games with his work, and formed a team of 4 people with an average age of only 23 years old.

In the early stages of production, Zhong Chongshuo’s team also encountered many problems. At the beginning, everyone was not familiar with the Unreal 4 engine, so they found thick reference materials to solve the problems one by one.

Another example is the style of painting. Initially, the team made many different styles of designs to try. After many experiments in combination with gameplay, they finally determined the core they have been pursuing, which is more beautiful and smart.

Switch version is more difficult due to limited functions, textures and other aspects. However, after a series of adjustments and attempts, the team finally found a solution.

After more than two years of development and several prototype update iterations, “Lumione” (Lumione) has become an independent game with four worlds and 170 levels in this process.

The core gameplay of the game is still based on platform jumping. The feature is that it can derive a variety of changes from the core gameplay “Traveling” with the unique “facilities” of each chapter level. Players need to adjust their operation ideas according to the level and cooperate with each level in the level. This kind of organization finally passed various challenges.

“The Journey of Light” belongs to the kind of “easy to use, difficult to master” game. The production team said on the issue of difficulty that the difficulty curve has been polished many times within the team, and the players are playing it. There is a gradual adaptation. Find a balance between “suffering” and “challenge” to bring players a great sense of accomplishment.

Zhong Chongshuo admits that he is an enthusiast of platform jumping games, and he will try to challenge the platform jumping games that are already on the market. He likes the spirit of continuous challenge that this type of game brings to people, which gives him a lot of motivation in the confusion. He also hopes that “Journey of Light” can also make players feel this power.

“Journey to the Light” is expected to land on Steam in the third quarter of 2021. Wish lists can already be added at the moment, and the Switch version is also under intense development.

Regarding the follow-up plan of the game, Zhong Chongshuo said that there is also a plan to launch DLC, but all the energy and core of the entire team will be placed on the continuous improvement and polishing of “The Journey of Light”, hoping to be able to give it when it is launched. The best experience for players.

Last but not least: “The Journey of Lights” is now available on the STEAM wishlist. Interested players can search for “Journey of Lights” or “lumione” to add them. I also look forward to seeing players in the game soon!

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