Interview with Tetsuya Nomura: A comprehensive introduction to “FF7 RE Transition Edition” and two mobile games

“Final Fantasy 7” series creative director Tetsuya Nomura accepted an interview with “Famitsu” magazine a few days ago, and talked about the brilliant “Final Fantasy 7 Remake Transition Edition”, introducing the battle of Claude VS Weiss, and Yu Fei and A new chapter with new characters.

── The light source, texture and background of the PS5 game “Final Fantasy 7 Remake Transition Edition” look more realistic. Please tell us, besides, are there other places where expressiveness has evolved more?

Nomura: In terms of the game screen, the main adjustments are the light source and material, and environmental effects such as fog are added to bring a more immersive experience, allowing players to fully immerse themselves in the world view. In addition, a mode suitable for 4K and a mode that supports 60fps are also prepared.

── PS5 supports haptic feedback technology, adaptive trigger and 3D sound effects, etc. Does this work also support or adjust these functions?

Nomura: Part of this work supports adaptive triggers. If you want to fully utilize the work that includes the above-mentioned adaptive trigger and other PS5 features, please look forward to the sequel to the initial evaluation of these features.

──The “photo mode” seems to be able to use the in-game camera to take photos from any angle. Is this mode the same as “Kingdom Hearts 3 Re mind” in that you can adjust the character’s expressions or movements at will? In addition, are there any conditions for using the camera mode?

Nomura: This mode has a different concept from the camera mode of “Kingdom Hearts 3 Re mind”, so it is impossible to change expressions and movements. This mode is only used to save a certain scene as a souvenir, and it can be used without meeting any conditions.

── This game seems to have new elements to fight Weiss. What is the reason for choosing Weiss?

Nomura: Because there is already the strongest Sephiroth, Weiss, an impactful and powerful enemy, was selected as the boss from other characters. In addition, because this is the first time that the scene of Claude VS Weiss has appeared, I personally look forward to what kind of battle it will be. Since the development of the PS4 version, I have asked the development team to add Weiss to the game. Treat it as a hidden BOSS.

── Weiss’s original styling should have been designed by Mr. Nomura. I remember that in “Final Fantasy 7: Elegy of Hellhound” (FF7DC), he was topless. I hope you can introduce the design background of Weiss’s upper body wearing clothes.

Nomura: Because he is the hidden boss, I hope his appearance can be more eye-catching than before, so I let him wear a shirt.

── The battle with Weiss seems to take place in the battle simulator. Will there be additional incidents related to Weiss? In addition, what kind of battle will this battle be?

Nomura: For more information about Weiss, please look forward to follow-up news.

── The news mentioned that there will be a new boss. Is this a different character from Weiss? If it is another character, is it the character that has appeared in related works so far?

Nomura: In the new chapter of Yuffi’s story, there will be bosses outside of Weiss. As for who it will be, stay tuned for follow-up news as well.

── Please tell us what kind of person the new character Sonon is, and the relationship between him and Yuffi, etc., as far as you can reveal.

Nomura: “FF7RE” has repeatedly mentioned that in addition to the avalanche composed of Barrett and others, there are other avalanche teams in action. This time Yuffi sneaked into Midgar for the purpose of magic spar, and other avalanches. Teamwork to perform tasks. That is to describe the story that while Cloud and Barrett were active, Yuphy and the others were also engaged in other activities.
Sonnen is a member of the avalanche, this time he will partner with Yuffi. By the way, Yuffi’s Moogle hood represents that she is performing a secret mission, and this look also has a tribute to “FF7DC”.

──What kind of battle will the two-player battle between Euphy and Sonnen be like?

Nomura: This battle is different from the battle system in this article. You can’t operate Sonon, you must operate Yufei to fight. But you can select Sonon’s command through the tactical mode. The new element is that Yuffi can fight with Sonong, and should be able to experience a different fighting style from this article.

Use the battle royale action game to describe the era when the Shinra Warriors did not exist yet-“Final Fantasy 7: The First Warrior”

──The battle stage of “Final Fantasy 7: First Warrior” (FF7FS) is Midgar. Which part of the history of “FF7” does the plot belong to?

Nomura: The content of this work describes the earliest era of “FF7” related works, when there were no Shinra fighters. Players will become candidates for the Shinra Warriors and participate in the establishment of the Shinra Warriors System. Due to the characteristics of the game, the proportion of the plot is not important, but there is still a setting related background.

── It seems that the player will play the role of the Shinra soldier. Regardless of the monsters, why do they fight the Shinra machine such as the saw blade machine and the guard giant scorpion?

Nomura: This game is set as a training for candidate students to become Shinra fighters, so various scenarios are prepared to simulate actual combat.

── Please briefly introduce the fighting rules of this game. Is the one who lives to the end wins? Or team battle?

Nomura: Divided into single-player battles and three-player team battles. Be the last person or the team that survives to the end wins.

── Because this is a battle royale game, there are certain action elements, coupled with RPG elements, may cause a gap in the strength of players, causing mild players to dare not rush to join, how will you adjust the balance in this regard ?

Nomura: In addition to one of the fun of battle royale games-collecting items, this RPG element is also added to defeat monsters to “upgrade”. This RPG element is designed so that even light players can enjoy it as long as they are fully prepared. Fighting fun.

Integrate all “FF7” plots and divide them into multiple chapters, another form of remake-“Final Fantasy 7 EVER CRISIS”

──”FF7 EVER CRISIS” (FF7EC) This work is based on the combat system specially created for this work, and you can experience “Final Fantasy 7 Before the Crisis” (FF7BC, the stage is the story of the first six years of “FF7″) to ” Is this interpretation correct for all the stories of Final Fantasy 7: Elegy of the Hellhound (FF7DC, the story of the last three years of FF7)? In addition, does this mean that you can also experience the original movie “Final Fantasy 7 Advent” (FF7AC) in the form of a game?

Nomura: This work is positioned as another remake of the original “FF7”. The map has a fixed perspective and matches the Q version of the character. The battle is an instructional RPG with a normal head and body. We heard some players say “I only need this kind of remake”, and this work is our answer.
This work will take the form of chapters, which can be easily played. It is expected to join the original work and all related works so far, as well as all “FF7” series works such as “FF7FS” which is released this time. In other words, this work will also include a brand new story based on the background setting of the aforementioned “FF7FS”. Because the story takes place before the establishment of the Shinra Warriors, of course it will also describe the legendary hero when he was young. This will be a major highlight of the story. Of course, the script was written by Mr. Nojima himself, so stay tuned.

── There are many players expecting that related works can also be released in re-enactment versions. This time they chose to launch a new work, and it is integrated into one work instead of launching a re-enactment version. Why?

Nomura: The theme of this game is only to allow players to easily play works based on the original “FF7”. As for the remake of the original “FF7”, in addition to “FF7FS”, there is also “FF7RE”, and I don’t plan to assemble other related works into one work and then no longer conceive other projects.

──Will the story of “FF7EC” follow the chronological order of “FF7” related works? Or will the story from “FF7BC” to “FF7DC” be rewritten?

Nomura: It is not that all the stories are connected together to form a whole work, but each work is independent of chapters, and you can choose the chapter you want to play. It is similar to the concept of gradually constructing the chronology of “FF7”.

── Since the chapter format is adopted, it means that new chapters will be released in the future, so you can play new stories?

Nomura: Yes, new chapters are added every month.

── The battle seems to be closer to the command RPG than “FF7RE”. Can you briefly introduce the combat system of this game?

Nomura: This is a combat system developed based on the dynamic time combat of the original “FF7”. The magic spar system is also extended from the original. You can use the magic spar, summoned beast and extreme explosion set on the weapon during battle.

── The 3D characters in the Q version are changed to fairly fresh comic-style 2D characters. Who draws the character illustrations in this work?

Nomura: The illustration was drawn by our company’s art designer Fujisase Risa. It was originally planned to make all of them into 3DCG models, but in order to express as much as possible the style of the original works when they were released, this approach was more difficult to achieve. Next, from the members who have participated in the design of “FF7” so far—including me—we are looking for someone who can draw illustrations, but everyone’s workload is already difficult to handle new cases. At this moment, when I was checking the finished product of the new project, I saw the virtual character design drawn by Fujisse. When I saw her style of painting, I felt that it was quite suitable for this work. Fujisose was originally affiliated with other projects that I was responsible for, so she was immediately transferred to this group. It is a promising new star.

── This work should have a high proportion of stories. How many dubbings will there be?

Nomura: The dubbing part is still under discussion. In fact, I am responsible for a lot of works, which also caused a big traffic jam in the dubbing schedule. Therefore, I also hope to avoid re-recording as much as possible, and “FF7EC” is a game based on “FF7” and related works. I even think “It is better to have no voice?”, but some developers said that the battle still needs voice, so at present It is still being discussed, but it should be based on the minimum.

The meaning contained in “INTERGRADE”, as well as the rebirth of related works, will lead players deeper into the world of “FF7”

── While players are still looking forward to the “FF7RE” sequel, the release date of “Final Fantasy 7 Remake Interim Edition” is announced. “FF7FS” is expected to be in 2021, and “FF7EC” is expected to be released in 2021. It will be launched in 2022, and three “FF7” series will be launched in one breath. Does Mr. Nomura serve as director and theme design for all three works?

Nomura: Although three works related to “FF7” have been published this time, as I mentioned earlier, the number of projects I have personally handled has reached an unprecedented level. Since “FF7RE” has laid the foundation for the gameplay in the first work and the areas to be improved in the future, the director of the sequel will be taken over by Hamaguchi (co-producer of “FF7RE”). And I am the creative director of all “FF7” projects including remake works and mobile phone works. In practice, the way of participating in development will not change much, and will continue to participate in development.

── Does your method of participating in “FF7” have not changed much, and will you work on other projects? It’s really looking forward to it. Please say a few words to fans who are looking forward to the three works released this time and the sequel of “FF7RE”.

Nomura: Regarding the best balance of “FF7RE” to support PS5, we were once entangled, but with the enthusiasm of the development team, it was completed sooner than planned. We are also continuing to develop the next work at this speed, and I hope you can enjoy the “Final Fantasy 7 Remake Transitional Edition” first. The “INTERGRADE” in the title also means a tribute to the original “INTERNATIONAL” (*refers to “FF7 INTERNATIONAL”, which is an international version of the original “FF7” that has been improved and added new elements for sale in Japan). In addition, “INTERGRADE” also means “intermediate”, which symbolizes “between the main part of “FF7RE” and the next work”, and the other means “transfer”, which symbolizes “transfer to the next generation machine, transfer to the lower work” “.

Another chapter added to this work-Yuffi’s story is also quite worth playing, definitely not to be missed. And Weiss, who is waiting in the battle simulator, is a very difficult enemy.

As for the resurrected “COMPILATION of FINAL FANTASY VII”-“EC” and “FS”. When Kitase first mentioned to me that he would release two works at the same time, I was also taken aback. I originally thought that I would only do one of them, but he said, “Do both.” Even I still have some time to propose whether I should concentrate on developing one. Even so, under the enthusiasm of Ichikawa, the producer of these two works, I decided that since I had to do it, I would never compromise on the degree of completion, so I gave the development team very strict instructions, which made the development difficult. Significantly improved, but they did meet all the requirements. I am very happy that it has been published successfully. The response from the user test has also been well received, so please look forward to it.
Before the “FF7RE” sequel is released, I hope you can continue to immerse yourself in the world of “FF7” through these three works.

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