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Interview with PADG, one of the most famous voices in video games

Personal file is a section in which we draw the portrait of actors of the video game, real or fictitious, who weigh or weighed on the industry. Today, we had the pleasure of interviewing Pierre-Alain de Garrigues (which will be called PADG for convenience), one of the most famous French voices and behind a bunch of characters in French.


It is by videoconference that PADG received us, with the smile and the energy that the fans know him. A welcome worthy of the Hearthstone Innkeeper he has been for many years. A very particular work that put our host on the front of the stage five years ago, as he explained to us:

“Ah, if you knew, a few years ago, I was absolutely not aware of the impact of my work. It all started when Torlk (videographer and pro Hearthstone player) called me to ask me to speak for the innkeeper to promote a community event in Lille. So I came to the Webedia premises, and already in the elevator, I could hear people blowing “oh, it’s the innkeeper”, I really didn’t understand what was going on. Then we arrived in a room with a lot of people, and there Torlk climbed on a chair and swung “Friends, I present to you PADG, the Innkeeper in Hearthstone!”, and there, suddenly I found myself in front of people who knew my work, while myself I did not have a great idea of ​​the impact of the thing. ”

It is also at this famous Lille convention that Pierre-Alain will take his first selfies with the fans, to his surprise, he who now skims a good part of the geeks events of France and Navarre. But before arriving at this unexpected celebrity for him, the interested party was already present in our favorite video games without our knowing it!

Indeed, our PierreAlain national worked with Roland Oskian on one of the jewels of the French video game, a cult work from an era that is unfortunately over, but that will make you face it: Adi and Adibou. A remarkable entry into the world of video games which will later lead him to do very, very, very many dubbing, with at the head of the gondola Abe from Abe’s Odyssey, Globox and the stories of the Rayman saga, the bandit in Diablo III, and the famous Rabbids (at first).

To know that if he did not invent the Rabbids, he is responsible for their hyperactive voice under cocaine. Indeed, during a dubbing session for a Rayman game, PierreAlain realizes that two critters are running in the background with their mouths open. It is therefore as a professional that he will breathe life into these half-rodent, half-supermarket kid on the rise. An initiative that will remain in the memories of Ubisoft who will keep the idea for later.

A role while energizing by bringing another, we will find a little later PADG in one of the most played video games in the world: League of Legends. A relationship with Riot that the man explains briefly:

Working with Riot was really a great experience, the guys were great with me, and put me in top conditions. Besides, after making a few voices for them (Ramus, Heimerdinger and Wu-Kong), they came back to me for the famous Kled. I thought they were looking for someone a little crazy with energy to spare. ”

A reflection then comes to arise by chance in the middle of the conversation: You who are quite familiar with the roles of overexcited, it’s interesting to see that you are in fact super calm!

“Haha, in reality I don’t just do that kind of voice, I also do other things much quieter, I could fall asleep, you know (laughs). But it is true that I like these roles that require energy quite enough. However, I’m actually a really Zen person. The secret is to get the energy out at the right time. ”

A new facet of a man whose work we ultimately only knew, and who will surprise us once again:

“At first, I had a really old-school vision of geeks, something very cliché. And after my years working in this industry, I now consider myself a defender of video games. For example, I always recommend that parents let children play. You don’t realize the skills they develop while playing. We must stop stigmatizing an environment that we blame far too many things that have nothing to do with it. ”

A love of peace and good vibe dear to PADG which he will illustrate with a maxim which will also serve as a conclusion:

“To be against war is to go to war for something. Better be for peace. ”

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