Interview with Kayu Sakamoto, producer of “Metrod’s Fear of Survival”: Why waited for 15 years

The 2D platform jumping game “Metroder Survival Fear”, which is about to land on Nintendo Switch, will be a stressful game to play. The heroine Sams Alan will once again explore aliens and collect the armor upgrades she often uses. But when faced with a new enemy like the super-intelligent robot “EMMI”, Sams has almost no power to fight back.

Yoshio Sakamoto

The concept of this new enemy comes from Sakamoto Kayong, who has produced and produced many “Metrorod”. The enemy design of “Survival Fear” can be traced back to 15 years ago, and after re-cooperating with MercurySteam, the developer of “Metrorod Sams Returns”, the original idea has finally become an exciting reality.

As for what inspired the design of the robot enemy in this game, we can learn a thing or two from the interview last week. Sakamoto Heyong used the video conferencing software Zoom to tell reporters through the mouth of translation: “It was the SA-X in “Metroder Fusion” that inspired me. The whole concept has not changed in these 15 years. The powerful warrior Sams We will face a group of enemies with an overwhelming advantage and be chased by them. It’s that simple.”

Normal weapons are not effective against EMMI, but Sams can use other Aeion skills to avoid chase

The last 2D “Metroder” was the 2002 GBA game “Metroder Fusion”. On the timeline, “Fear of Survival” will follow the plot of “Fusion”. SA-X is the main enemy in “Fusion”, it is a kind of mimicry creature “X” that will imitate Sams and use her own abilities to deal with her in turn. Although it also pursues Sams, it is relatively simple to avoid SA-X in “Fusion”. The EMMI in “Metroder: Survival Fear” looks much more difficult.

The creation of “Fear of Survival” was once restricted by technical bottlenecks. Sakamoto briefly elaborated: “15 years ago, NDS should have just come out at the time. As far as my vision is concerned, it is really difficult to implement this concept with the hardware at the time. . And now, we have the Switch, with a better configuration, and the development system is easier to use than before.”

As early as 2005, it was reported that the “Metroder Survival Fear” had been established, and the official British Nintendo magazine also stated that the work would be released in November 2006.
For Sakamoto, another different factor is the talent of the MercurySteam team. “As a matter of fact, you also know that we made “Return of Sams” with MercurySteam,” Sakamoto said. “The reason I approached them at the beginning was that they actually hoped that they would help me realize “Metroder Survival Fear”. I hope to use their ability and technology to turn this concept that has always been just an empty shell into reality.”

Sakamoto said that the final result surpassed his expectations. “My excitement about “Metroder Survival Fear” mainly comes from the gameplay related to EMMI,” Sakamoto said. “The actual effect is really much better than what I imagined 15 years ago. I can see that this idea is put into practice. Reality makes me very, very satisfied.”

“About the design and creation process of EMMI itself,” he continued, “I want to create something that makes players feel uneasy. It needs to convey the inherent indifference and ruthlessness of the machine. Its existence is purely to chase and capture. Sams.”

Considering that no new “Metrod” has been released for many years, Sakamoto Heyong expects that many players will play this series for the first time. He assured reporters that this work will briefly introduce all relevant background stories. He also said that the new work will bring changes to the game formula of Metroid, and he hopes that players can keep looking forward to it. “I talked about “Fear” just now. New players who haven’t played this series may be interested in trying it after seeing the game based on fear.”

Although the title of the game contains the word “fear” and focuses on “fear-based gameplay”, Sakamoto Kayoshi clarified: “This game is not a horror game, although it may look similar. This game is about It is indeed the story of Sams encountering fear, but she chose to face the fear, struggle with it, and finally defeated it. This part is very important.”

In other words, even if the player is anxious, Sams will not become trembling, but will unswervingly go straight to the business. “Sams is a professional warrior,” Sakamoto emphasized. “She is a perfect professional warrior. This is the image she presents in this game.” He believes that it is these qualities that have allowed Sams to stay deep for so many years. Loved by players. “Everyone enjoys playing this warrior named Sams-going through her adventures, being her, thinking in her way, and feeling her human side through all these things.”

Although Sakamoto didn’t want to reveal any plot of the game, he mentioned that “the plot is very important in this game” and that “Fear of Survival”, like “Return of Sams,” occasionally uses some cutscenes to maintain tension and performance. force.”

When promoting this work, Sakamoto once stated that “Fear of Survival” would be the end of the story of Sams and Metrod. When asked if he could explain further, he explained: “So far, the story of “Metrod” is all about the strange fate of Sams intertwined with this thing called “Metrod”. . Until now, this has been the focus of this series. But this work will bring this story to an end temporarily, or it can be said that this work will be the beginning of a new chapter.”

“No one wants to see the end of the “Metrod” series. We know this. We don’t want it to end,” he continued. “We want everyone to know that there will be a new chapter, please Everyone is looking forward to the follow-up, but there are no details to share yet.”

“Metroud Survival Fear” is scheduled to be released on October 8, 2021, supporting simplified and traditional Chinese.

Translation: April
Editor: Tony
Source: Bonfire Camp


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