Internally, Mr. Zelensky was called for impeachment

Internally, Mr. Zelensky was called for impeachment

On 3/2, a statement was issued from the opposition political party in Ukraine For life issued a statement indicating that they were seeking impeachment proceedings against Ukrainian President Volodymir Zelensky.

The statement demanding impeachment of the President came after Mr. Zelensky decided to close the television series in the country.

At all times, Mr. Zelensky was in love with me
The opposition wants to impeach Ukraine’s President Volodymir Zelensky

“He has dealt a blow to the true heart of democracy, freedom of speech and proof of the existence of a Ukraine that is threatened with independence and democracy. In the near future, we will nest. emergency party congress, will decide the next steps.

Remember, you will not be able to silence our party, nor will you silence millions of voters. We initiate impeachment proceedings against President Zelensky, who mocked the voters and the country “, – said Vadim Rabinovich, co-chair of the opposition Party.

President Zelensky on 2/2 banned the operation of three TV channels “112. Ukraine”, NewsOne and ZIK for five years after the owners of these channels were Mr. Taras Kozak, delegate Verkhovna Rada (Ukraine Parliament ) belonging to the party “Opposition Platform – For Life” subject to individual punishment.

These TV channels opposed the government, and representatives from “Opposition Platforms – For Life” were regularly present on air. The document takes effect from the date of announcement 2/2/2021.

The sanctions against MP Kozak were applied for a period of 5 years. The list of restrictions includes blockade of assets, restriction on trading activities, prevention of capital withdrawal from Ukraine, suspension of economic and financial obligations, cancellation or suspension of licenses and permits. other permission.

In addition, television companies are prohibited from using Ukraine’s radio frequency resources and the re-broadcasting of television programs.

The owner claimed that the 112 Ukrainian TV channel will broadcast despite the “conspiracy of the authorities”. At the same time, these TV channels continue to broadcast specials on their Youtube channel.

For Life – Opposition Platform Party is one of the political parties in Ukraine that advocates for improved cooperation with Russia.

In October 2020, the party’s leader – Viktor Medvedchuk met in person with Russian President Vladimir Putin – a remarkable event in the context of both countries facing the COVID-19 pandemic. The two of you had a meeting without wearing a mask.

At the meeting, the Russian leader expressed his delight to meet Mr. Medvedchuk as well as support the opposition party’s view of reviving Russia-Ukraine relations.

“I have long known that despite the many challenges, he has maintained a straightforward stance on the restoration of Ukraine-Russia relations at all levels, including at the State level, at NGOs and both in the economy.

We are told that there are political forces in Ukraine that openly and honestly hold this position. We are ready to contribute to the restoration of Russia-Ukraine relations in all aspects.

We hope that you will have more supporters in this matter next time. Again, we will do our best to restore our relationship, for our part, “Putin said.

At all times, Mr. Zelensky was in love with me
Russian President Vladimir Putin meets the head of the Political Council of the Ukraine-For-Life Opposition Party, Viktor Medvedchuk. Photo: Kremlin

President Putin also noted that Moscow has noticed the 75th anniversary of the victory of fascism held in Ukraine this year and stressed that the Russian side clearly understands this is an effort by the members and groups. Activities supported by the Ukraine Platform Party – For Life.

In response, Mr. Medvedchuk thanked the Russian President’s opening on the activities to restore Russia-Ukraine relations and mentioned that the Party continued to maintain a view of honoring the shared historical value of Russia and Ukraine in the history. history through the war against the fascists.

At the meeting, the Russian President said that Moscow can bring the COVID-19 vaccine that it has successfully developed to Ukraine, according to the request that Medvedchuk mentioned.

The leader of the Ukrainian opposition party has suggested to consider shipping the Sputnik V vaccine to Ukraine, and the Russian President said it could be done if Moscow and Kiev have an agreement.

The Russian President added that Moscow is ready to participate in this work.

“It is essential that the Ukrainian authorities show their requests and needs in a reasonable manner. We are ready to participate in this work” – stressed Russian President.

As the move to the Sputnik V vaccine was pushed for early introduction into Ukraine, authorities in Kiev sought to prohibit the vaccine’s approval, citing concerns about the vaccine’s transparency and its effectiveness.

The Russian side has now set out to provide the COVID-19 vaccine for people in the breakaway region of Donbass, eastern Ukraine. This place is home to many Russian speakers and Moscow has the humanitarian spirit to help them overcome this health crisis.

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