Intel must rely on Samsung's aid, the process of the next CPU line will still be 14nm?

Intel must rely on Samsung's aid, the process of the next CPU line will still be 14nm?

Not as serious as the scarcity of CPU Coffee Lake more than half a year ago, but Intel once again failed to meet the purchasing power, delaying the production of new 14nm process CPUs and thanks to Samsung's support.

Intel said it had reached an agreement with Samsung in manufacturing microprocessors on their 14nm process. It can be said that Intel suffers from the current situation by the main cause. On the one hand, the 10nm process is a headache problem that "Blue Team" has spent a lot of time to develop and improve. The main consequence of this is that the number of products planned to be produced at 10nm process is still based on 14nm transmission lines.

According to information from the semiconductor industry on the 17th, Samsung Foundry plans to build Intel products in large quantities for the third and fourth quarters of next year, on the 14nm process. This may implicitly understand that line PC CPU Next by Intel, "Rocket Lake" is expected to be released in 2021, will still be based on technology that has been around for nearly 5 years.

An official familiar with the internal situation said: “We know that contract negotiations with Intel, only rumored, are in the final stages. "Intel, which is planning to pursue vertical integration, is the first to leave direct manufacturing of low-end CPUs.

This is closely related to the situation where Intel suffers from a shortage of CPU supply since the second half of last year. With delays in process refinement, Intel's new products, which were planned to be included in the 10nm process last year, were packaged with 14-nanometer production lines.

Although Intel has been slow to secure new production lines, it will take years to build a factory, which will be an inevitable option. Samsung Foundry Division surpassed TSMC when it succeeded in acquiring new orders this year. In addition to Samsung receiving a contract to supply server CPUs to IBM last year, it recently secured a GPU manufacturing unit for NVIDIA and Qualcomm's next-generation application processor (AP). Along with, Apple and Two Silicon (Huawei), the majority of semiconductor design companies use advanced processes to become Samsung's customers.


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