Intel Alder Lake has not been released yet, there are companies selling DDR5 RAM right this June

Intel Alder Lake has not been released yet, there are companies selling DDR5 RAM right this June

One of the units that publishes the most information about the series of DDR5 RAM products for the new generation of CPUs such as Intel Alder Lake and AMD Zen 4 is TeamGroup. They just announced that on the end of June this year, the first commercial DDR5 RAM kit will be available for sale. This 32GB DDR5-4800 kit includes 2 sticks of 16GB, timing 40-40-40-77, 1.1V power.

Of course, in the near future, DDR5 RAM will develop more in both clock speed and timing delay, because both the 40-40-40-77 and 4800 MHz numbers above are not too impressive, now he I can own DDR4 RAM kits with a clock speed of about 4800 to 5000 MHz, CAS latency is only 15-15-15. TeamGroup said that initially they will still develop products based on the specifications given by JEDEC organization.

Recalling the past, the highest specification that the DDR4 RAM standard can achieve according to JEDEC is 3200 MT/s. But now you can see, there is no shortage of DDR4 RAM kits with speeds up to 3600 MHz for PC systems using AMD Ryzen CPUs that require high RAM clocks to serve the Infinity Fabric bridge. . Even the most advanced, most expensive RAM kits from G.Skill can go up to 5333 MHz for people who like to overclock PC hardware.

Earlier, another Chinese company, Netac, revealed information about a DDR5 RAM kit clocked at up to 10000 MHz, somewhat describing the future of internal memory generation for the personal computer market. Meanwhile, Samsung has also introduced RAM for servers and data centers, 512GB each, clocked at 7200MHz. Another potential aspect of DDR5 is the ECC feature right on the memory chip’s die, which the Linux father was quite bitter with Intel during the DDR4 era.

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