Femme qui a le cancer qui prend une assurance sans examen médical

Insurance without medical examination, ideal for those suffering from cancer!

st_title = “Insurance without medical examination, ideal for those with cancer!”

Woman with cancer taking insurance without medical examination
Since 2001, we have helped hundreds of thousands of Quebecers and Canadians find their insurance products at the best price.

According to the Canadian Cancer Society (CCS), nearly one in… two Canadians (between 40 and 45% to be more precise) will one day be confronted with one form or another of cancer, an unfortunate situation that more often than not results in a financial abyss, both for those affected and for those close to those who have lost their fight against this terrible disease. Still according to the SCC, 90% of families living with cancer say they have various financial problems. Nine out of ten families!

That being said, and I won’t teach you anything here, but life changes. Anyone with cancer can confirm this to you: as soon as the diagnosis is announced, our way of perceiving life is transformed. Almost immediately. And those values ​​that we took for granted, set in the concrete of the edifice of our lives, are also changing.

Of course each person experiences it in their own way, of course that each faces and then goes through crises according to their own “philosophy”, but one fact remains: the vast majority of them become, let’s say, more “down to earth”, solidifying their family ties, getting closer to their true friends and putting aside many “acquaintances” … realizing by the fact that true friendships were much rarer than they thought.

The way we look at our possessions is no longer the same, and we also have to admit that we pay special and sudden attention to the various protections we have in the event of a work stoppage.

And even if no one, absolutely no one wants to be fatalistic, the question of life insurance in the event of a possible death inevitably crosses the mind of every cancer patient because one day or another, everyone knows full well that the question must be posed. And thoughtful.

Life insurance is a “necessary evil”, all agree. No matter our needs, no matter their size, this is a very vital need.

Nowadays, it is possible to take out life insurance called “without medical examination”, offered obviously according to the type of cancer, the duration and the calendar of the various treatments.

After obtaining this information, the insurance company may offer you these types of insurance:

  • Life insurance with no two-year waiting period
  • Life insurance with immediate acceptance
  • Life insurance with 100% immediate protection
  • Life insurance with 50% immediate protection
  • Life insurance including accidental death

Buying life insurance without a medical exam is simpler, easier and faster than ever! Regardless of your medical condition, you can afford affordable protection, protection adapted to your needs and, above all, adapted to your financial means. since for as little as $ 20 / month you could have guaranteed acceptance life insurance.

For all the details regarding life insurance without medical examination, go to AssuranceVieVieSansMedicalExamen.ca or call us at 1 866 370-7677.

In closing, please keep this in mind: if we are able to envisage our retirement from A to Z, we should also do everything in our power for a possible cancer diagnosis. With about a one in two chance that we will ever have it, we should all anticipate it.

st_title = “Insurance without medical examination, ideal for those with cancer!”

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