Android: Hướng dẫn bật tính năng chuyển đổi Dark Mode tự động trên Facebook Messenger

Instructions to turn on the automatic Dark Mode switch on Facebook Messenger

( This feature will help you switch to Dark Mode (dark background) automatically.

Previously with the Facebook Messenger application, Android users were forced to manually switch between Dark Mode (black background) and Light Mode (white background). But in a recent update, Facebook Messenger was able to automatically switch both these modes automatically, ie Light Mode will be opened in the morning and Dark Mode will be in the evening. In fact, this is not a strange feature because there are many applications that are supporting this feature according to the system, except Facebook Messenger on Android.

To enable this function, readers, please open the Messenger app, open Settings > Dark Mode > System.

As you know, Dark Mode gives the application interface a fresher breath, more eye-catching when using the device when it is dark, it even helps the device save energy more efficiently.


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