Instructions to store photos online with picasa

Instructions to store photos online with picasa

Instructions for storing images online with picasa will be shared by ElectrodealPro in the following article. With picasa, when you’re signed in to Google Photos, you can quickly and easily access, modify and share your photos.

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There are quite a few software that help you store photos online, storing photos online with picasa allows you to get back your photos when your computer is down or has problems, just have a connection. The Internet is everywhere you can view and retrieve the pictures you have stored for a long time.

How to save him

Instructions to store photos online with picasa

How to store photos online with picasa

Step 1:

Want to upload or share photos by Picasa Web Album First of all, you have to sign up for yourself a Picasa account. Later Create an account to sign up for a free Google account

Step 2:

After you have registered for yourself an account then you download the software Picasa

Next you install the software

Step 3:

After installing the program, Picasa interface window appears for you to use

How to upload him picasa

Step 4:

Upload photos online

After successfully installing the software, Picasa will automatically recognize all the pictures on your computer, if you want to upload a photo to the internet, choose Sign with Google Account in the upper right corner

How to save picasa state

After you have made your selection, the login interface will appear, you just need to enter email and pass To log in with the account that above I showed you how to register

How to upload him picasa

When you log in successfully, select a photo you want to upload online and right-click and choose “Upload to Picasa Web Albums”

How to upload him to bring

update images online with Picasa

So have finished storing photos online with Picasa already. Now you can store your images on google with Google Photos tool. It can be said, the birth of Google Photos marks an important step forward in Google’s online data storage.
User can refer to how install Google Photos to download and manage images online, avoid deleting and losing unwanted image files


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