Instructions to send video messages on Viber
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Instructions to send video messages on Viber

Currently messaging applications allow users to send video messages to the other party, including the Viber application. To send videos on Viber there are many different options. We can send video messages available on the device, or record videos directly to send. Especially you have added a new feature to send video messages to Viber, besides sending voice messages on Viber.

This new feature supports users to record videos in 30 seconds to send to friends. Video is defaulted with a circular frame and you can use the front or rear camera to record, as if we were sending videos directly on Viber. So instead of having to send videos through other sending services, you can send videos directly on Viber already. The following article will guide you to read the options for sending videos on Viber.

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1. Instructions to send videos are available on Viber

Step 1:

Users access to Viber and then open the chat. In the interface you click on photo icon under. Display the interface of all media files in the device. Click on the video you want to send.

Image iconShow media files

Step 2:

Users can select multiple videos to send on Viber. If you want Further editing for video then select Pen icon at the bottom right corner of the screen. Display interface to edit each video if sending multiple. Click on the video you want to edit.

Here you can Cut the video you want to send, Enter more description for videos or delete videos by tapping the trash icon if desired. When the video is cut Click the save icon to save the new video.

To add another video click on the plus icon. To send the video click sending arrows next.

Add a video descriptionSave the edited video

Step 3:

Shortly after that the video was submitted on Viber. We click on the video to watch as normal. When the video is finished, there will be a option to Forward via Viber, Playback and Share video via another application.

Show videos submittedPlay the videoVideo options

2. How to send videos directly on Viber

Step 1:

In the Viber user interface click Camera icon below the chat box. Then show the interface to us record videos and take pictures. To record a video, press and hold the middle white button. Adjust the front or back camera and video light accordingly.

Record live videoScreen recording live video

Step 2:

The video after recording also displays an option to cut the video if desired, adding a description for the video. Click the send icon to send the video. Video results are also posted to Viber later.

Edit live videoSend live video

3. Instructions to send video messages on Viber

Video tutorial to send video messages on Viber

Step 1:

First, users need to update the Viber app on Android and iOS to the latest version to use the video messaging feature on Viber.

  • Download the Viber app for Android
  • Download Viber for iOS for free

Step 2:

Next, you open the chat conversation you want to send a video message. Stay below the interface when we are swipe the microphone icon to the right will switch to the video icon. This is the symbol for users to record videos. Then you Click and hold on the video icon to record a video. On the interface will appear video recording time to send messages on Viber.

Click the Viber video icon Video recording time sent on Viber

Step 3:

During the course of your video recording, we can delete the video by hold and drag the video icon to the left. When appears trash icon, the video will automatically be deleted on Viber.

Drag the video icon to the left Delete videos sent on Viber

Step 4:

After the video is finished, users only need to Release hand holding video icon is a video automatically sent to a friend. At the chat interface on Viber, click Play icon to view video messages. Also can click the speaker icon to turn off or turn on the sound you want.

Play video messages Viber Turn off Viber video message audio

Very simple right ?! Users only need to press and hold on the video icon to send video messages on Viber to friends. Hopefully in the near future, the ability to send video messages on the Viber application will also be applied to the desktop version of Viber, helping users to have more rich experiences with this chat application.

I wish you successful implementation!


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