Instructions to remove viruses with Malwarebytes Premium for computers

Instructions to remove viruses with Malwarebytes Premium for computers

Removing viruses with Malwarebytes Premium for computers is quite simple, but not everyone knows how to use these functions effectively. This article will guide you how to remove viruses with Malwarebytes Premium to get the highest efficiency

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Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Premium is one of the best anti-virus software with low cost, powerful virus scanning and handling. Not integrating many functions like other security software, but Malware Premium possesses excellent virus handling power. With a simple, easy-to-access interface, removing viruses with Malwarebytes Premium is very simple. Taimienphi will guide you through the detailed steps to handle viruses on your computer with Malwarebytes Premium.

diet virus by malwarebytes

Instructions to remove viruses with Malwarebytes Premium

Step 1: Download and install Malwarebytes Premium. The installation steps you refer to in detail how install Malwarebytes to install successfully on your computer

Once downloaded, you will have a trial period of 15 days before being asked to charge.

Step 2: Check the software’s running features to make sure the software is working properly. (All features have status as On)

Web protection: Browsing protection

Exploit protection: Prevent exploitation of vulnerabilities

Malware protection : Anti-malware

Ransomware protection : Protect users from ransomware

Step 3: Press Scan, choose the appropriate virus scanning method.

You should use the method Threat Scan with malware scanning and virus handling on the system.

Step 4 : The virus scanning process starts with a virus scan performed in turn:

Check for Update : Update virus database to the latest

Pre-Scan Operation : Prepare the system before scanning

Scan for Rootkit: Scan for Rootkits (malware located in the background of the operating system)

Scan Memory: Scan for viruses on memory

Scan Startup File: Scan boot files

Scan Registry: Scan Registry key

Scan File System: Scans for system files

Heuritics Analysis: Analysis and identification of malicious behavior

During the scan, you can track the number of malicious codes detected in: Threat Identified

Step 5: The virus scan is complete, viruses and malware will be automatically processed and displayed in the list.

In this case, my computer has no virus problem, so the list will be left blank.

After scanning for viruses, you reboot to complete. This way, your computer is safe and secure

You can also review the list of detected malicious codes by clicking on the item Quarantine

Schedule a scan for your computer

During use, for those who often have to work with software downloaded on the Internet, you should schedule periodic scans for your computer to ensure that your computer is always protected. Malwarebytes Premium allows you to schedule periodic computer scans according to preset schedule.

Step 1: On the main interface Malwarebytes Premium, you press Setting, select tab Scan Schedule

Here will appear a list of scan schedules you have created to manage.

Step 2: To create a routine scan schedule. You press Add

Step 3: Appear window to create scan schedule, you can customize scan schedule, scan method, scan option as desired.

Operation Type: Scan method

Schedule Frequency: Schedule repeat scanning. You can customize repeat scans daily, weekly or monthly …

Starting Date: Date of scan

Starting Time: Scanning time

Quarantine all threats automatically: Handling malicious code automatically

Restart computer when required for threats removal: Automatically restart when required to start to handle the virus

Scan for Rootkit: Scan for Rootkits

Scan within archives: Do not scan compressed files

Install computer protection options

To install options to protect your computer, click Setting, select tab Protection.

Here will appear the options, you note the first 4 options should always be activated.

The items below should be left as they are by default without any changes. These items should only be customized by advanced users

Above are some instructions to remove viruses with Malwarebytes Premium. These are the basic guidelines for you to make good use of this antivirus software. During use, you can learn more about the virus as well as how to handle the virus manually to use the functions of the software more effectively.
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