Instructions to play Shake MoMo Shake Beast
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 Instructions to play Shake MoMo Shake Beast

Instructions to play Shake MoMo Shake Beast

Like the annual MoMo e-wallet application, it often offers attractive New Year lucky money programs. This year, MoMo brings the Shaking and Hunting Beasts event to thousands of gifts such as movie vouchers, supermarket discount cards, milk tea discounts, etc.

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Rules of Shaking Poker 2020 super simple, easy to win gifts and get huge gifts. MoMo wallet of each customer will appear a mouse representing the homeowner and 6 boiled in the house. Players perform tasks such as lucky money, pay with MoMo, introduce friends to get more sway. In boiled water, there are gift cards, lucky money envelopes, wishes, snare traps or summoned beast cards and thousands of attractive gifts.

Shaking Game 2020
Shaking Game 2020

When collecting enough sets of summoned beasts of Long – Lan – Quy – Phung, you will own a gold fortune card Besides MoMo will create new rounds several times a day for players to freely hunt gifts and collect the full set of summoned beasts as early as the following ways.

How to add more shakes on MoMo

  • Giving lucky money increased turn
  • Making red envelopes increases the number of shakes
  • Stealing from friends
  • Let pigs go to school
  • Donate golden pigs
  • Do survey on MoMo wallet

With simple rules, big gifts and big prizes, thousands of customers join MoMo to shake the lucky money at the beginning of the year. Are you ready to join?

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