Hướng dẫn xử lý lỗi văng hoặc dừng ứng dụng Google trên Android

Instructions to handle splash or stop Google application on Android

(Techz.vn) Many Android users are experiencing the above situation.

As reported by many Android smartphone users including Sony, Samsung, Google Pixels, Xiaomi .. on Facebook, Twitter. They are experiencing a sudden crash of the Google application while using it. This is a rare issue on the Android platform, it comes from a recent update, specifically and of the Google app. Even with beta version of this application, the same situation is encountered.

The temporary fix for this is to restart the device, but it only works for some users, but others are still experiencing the above situation.

Another method is to uninstall the latest update for Google apps by going to Settings -> Apps -> Google Apps -> Menu (three dots) -> Uninstall updates. However, there are also some users who still have this problem even on the older version.

Another suggestion for Android users is that if your device is operating normally, without the above error, you should absolutely not update the Google application.

Maybe we have to wait a little longer for Google to roll out this critical fix. Let’s try the above methods first.


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