Instructions to fix the error of not connecting to wifi on iPhone
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Instructions to fix the error of not connecting to wifi on iPhone

Although it is said that the device is highly stable, but sometimes, smartphoen iPhone encounters errors that cannot connect to wifi. There are many causes such as: weak wifi signal, incorrect wifi password entry, phone standing too far from broadcast modem, incorrect configuration settings … Refer to the following ways to fix the standard most effective and not everyone knows it.

1. Check wifi connection on iPhone

Before fixing the wifi connection error, check whether the wifi connection is enabled. Then use Control Center to turn on wifi. You can also swipe up from the bottom of the screen (or down from the top right, on iPhone X, iPhone XS and iPhone XR) and click on the wifi icon to activate it. Also check if airplane mode is turned on, if so, it must be turned off to enable wifi successfully.

2. Check wifi security

To do this trick, go to Settings. Select wifi and click the letter i next to the connecting wifi. Click Forgot network is okay.

3. Restart iPhone

Sometimes this simple way is also quite helpful when removing small system errors that make it easier for wifi to connect. This is a trick many people apply.

4. Turn off wifi again

Another basic way for users to handle when the wifi is not connected is to turn off the wifi temporarily and turn it back on. Or you can turn airplane mode on and off so all iPhone connections are refreshed.

5. Delete wifi address on iPhone

Cases such as faulty wifi or password changes often lead to network connectivity loss. Users can forget the wifi address on the iPhone and then enter the password to reconnect.

6. Turn off the wifi Assist feature

Wifi Assist is a feature that automatically uses 4G data when the wifi is too weak or lost connection. Users should turn off this feature to ensure uninterrupted wifi connection. To do this, go to your iPhone’s settings, select Mobile. Pull down and turn off wifi Assist.

7. Restart wifi modem

Wifi modem works continuously, overloading the iPhone so it cannot connect. Therefore should turn off the modem emit wifi then turn it back on.

8. Reset wifi installer

Typically, because in the course of use, users change certain network settings, this accidentally causes incompatibility errors and makes connection problems, but does not remember their actions. worked. So a way to completely restore the original settings is extremely necessary. To reset network settings users need to go to Settings. Select General settings. Select Reset. Select Reset Network Settings.

9. Turn off location services

Location services are often enabled on iPhones to use nearby wifi networks and increase accuracy, but this may be the reason why your iPhone can’t connect to wifi networks. Turn off location services as follows: Click Install. Click on Privacy. Click Location Services. Swipe to the bottom and select System Services. Move the WiFi & Bluetooth Network slider to turn off this service.

10. Contact the manufacturer

Hardware problems are best diagnosed and repaired by Apple or an authorized Apple service provider. Take your iPhone to the nearest Apple Store to check or contact Apple support online for an alternative.


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