Instructions to cut Video directly in Windows Movie Maker

Instructions to cut Video directly in Windows Movie Maker

Windows Movie Maker is a software that helps you create Video Albums from Videos and images available on your computer with available effects and tools to help you create perfect Videos. ElectrodealPro will guide you how to cut video directly in Windows Movie Maker.

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Using Windows Movie Maker helps you to create your own Video or Video Albums from Videos and pictures available on your computer. The program supports many audio formats as background music such as MP3, WAV, images like JPG, BMP, PNG and is capable of handling WAV, AVI, MPG, WM, ASF, MPEG …

If in the previous article, instructed you on how to add effects to videos, in this article one more tip for you – Cut Video in Windows Movie Maker.

Cut videos in Windows Movie Maker

Step 1: Open Windows Movie Maker, you can download Windows Movie Maker the latest version here

Step 2: On the toolbar select File -> Import into Collections .. (or use a key combination Ctrl + I) to open a Video to be cut.

Windows Movie Maker state video cat

Step 3: The imported video is automatically divided into segments that appear (usually every 10 seconds). Use Ctrl + A to select all segments, drag and drop into the frame Show Storyboard at the bottom.

Windows Movie Maker

Step 4: Select a scene you want to cut, set the start time and end time. Before you can do this, your Video must be in Play mode.

On the toolbar, click Clip

Set Start Trim Point (Ctrl + Shift + I): Set the start time.
Set End Trim Point (Ctrl + Shift + O): Set the end time

Similar to the remaining videos, you will have a desired Video, the last step is Save to save the Video. In addition to Windows Move Maker, you can download other video cutting software on


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