Instructions to create a beautiful home screen on Android

Instructions to create a beautiful home screen on Android

( If you are bored with the current standby screen on your smartphone, try changing it. And today I will share with you a tool to help change the appearance of your Android phone in a simple way.

To change the standby screen with a creative style, follow the instructions below.

Step 1: You go to CH Play store and download the application 4K Amoled Wallpapers – Black, Dark Wallpaper.

Step 2: After downloading the above application, you will see the interface as shown below. Choose for yourself the wallpaper you like according to each theme.

Step 3: When you choose the wallpaper you like, click the download icon as shown below to download and install.

Step 4: After downloading the wallpaper is complete, the image interface will look like the image below.

Step 5: In the upper right corner of the screen there is an ellipsis, click it and select Set as Wallpaper.

Step 6: Continue to choose Screen saver to install.

You wait 30 seconds – 1 minute for the installation to complete. Now enjoy your results. It’s simple, right.


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