Instructions to convert JPG to PDF, convert image file to pdf

Instructions to convert JPG to PDF, convert image file to pdf

Converting jpg to pdf will make it much easier and simpler to join from image files together, and can reduce the size of the image file while maintaining quality. The following guide will help you convert your image file to pdf easily.

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Currently, users always need to convert files such as Word, Excel or even convert JPG to PDF. With PDF files, we can easily display a variety of content, easy to share, and especially the high security that this format offers to users. That is why, nowadays, there are quite a lot of software that support converting file formats to PDF files from installing software to using online format conversion services. You can download a lot of software to convert jpg to pdf or image file to pdf file easily and completely for free. However, in this article we will guide you how to convert image files to pdf more simply, please follow along.

How to convert jpg files to pdf

Convert JPG to PDF, convert image file to pdf

Instructions to convert JPG to PDF

1. Method 1: Use Word
2. Method 2: Use Photoshop

Method 1: Use Word:

Step 1: Insert the image file into the Word document.

Open a word file and then insert the image into that word document. By way from the menu Insert you click to select Picture

Convert your png file to pdf

Step 2: Convert from Word to PDF.

To convert from Word to pdf, there are many software, in this article we use Dopdf to do it (you can download Dopdf and install on the computer).

After you have installed the dopdf, go back to the word file with the image above, print it (Ctrl + P).

At the print job window you click to select the printer name is doPDF 8, then select OK (the picture below)

Convert you to pdf

You select the folder containing the pdf file and that’s it. So you have successfully converted JPG to PDF.

Method 2: You use Photoshop:

Download Photoshop

Step 1: After downloading and installing Photoshop, start the program, open the image file to convert JPG to pdf by File —> Open (or Ctrl + O). Or you can also drag and drop the image directly into Photoshop software.

Convert your files to pdf

Step 2: After you have opened the image file in Photoshop, then click File —> Save As (Shift + Ctrl + S)

Convert you to pdf

Step 3: You can name the dpf file in the File name box, at the Fomat section you choose Photoshop PDF (* .PDF, * .PDP) (Figure below) then click Save.

Convert your files to pdf file

Then you also get a pdf file from the image above.

So with the above 2 simple ways you can easily convert JPG files to Pdf, not only jpg image files but also all other formats like png or bmp … Also, if you just want to combine multiple images To make a single PDF file in Windows 10, the fastest way is to use the built-in printing feature of Microsoft Print to PDF on Windows 10. However, few Windows 10 users know the tool that can convert image files to PDF. but often use PDF file reader software such as Adobe Reader and Foxit Reader to perform. More readers can follow the tutorial article hybrid Convert image file to PDF on Win 10 before that.
Besides, you can also redo this process or itself convert PDF to image by the way that ElectrodealPro introduced


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