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Instructions on how to view, refine notifications on Apple Watch

If you’ve synced your Apple Watch with your iPhone, you’ll obviously get lots of different notifications every single day of use. However, tweaking them to your liking is not everyone knows.

Apple Watch allows us to customize and refine many types of notifications that appear on the iPhone. In order to optimize the experience during use and rearrange if we find the messages too cluttered, make these messages more useful in your own way. watchOS has a partial control of these notifications for Apple Watch.

How to view and delete notifications on Apple Watch

1 – From any watch face you are watching, scroll down to see the notification (the red dot in the upper middle of the screen has the notification you want to see).

2 – Click on a notification to access the application directly.

3 – If not, you can scroll the message from left to right to remove it – turn it off or show it in silence with the Deliver Quietly option.

The process is as follows:

Instructions on how to view, refine notifications on Apple Watch

How to refine notifications on Apple Watch

1 – You can swipe notifications on the Apple Watch mentioned above to fine-tune each notification individually.
2 – Alternatively, you can use the Watch app on iPhone.
3 – Click Notifications.
4 – Select the app you want to refine notifications.

Source: 9to5mac


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