Do not open the air conditioner for 24 hours

Instructions on how to use Toshiba Inverter air conditioner efficiently and economically

Toshiba Inverter series air conditioner is a new series of air conditioners, applying many modern technologies to help save power in a remarkable way. However, since this is a new product, how to use Toshiba Inverter air conditioner effectively, is not everyone knows. Today, let us introduce you how to use Toshiba Inverter air conditioner.

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How to use Toshiba air conditioner?

Select air conditioner with suitable capacity

Air conditioner capacity is one of the first factors that users are interested in when choosing to buy air conditioners. Choosing an air conditioner with a suitable capacity to use space will help you use the air conditioner in the most efficient and economical way.

With a small room where you choose a large capacity air conditioner, it will waste electricity. On the contrary, when the room is too large, but choosing an air conditioner with too small capacity, the cooling capacity will not be optimal.

So what kind of air conditioner is suitable for the room area? Please read our Toshiba Inverter user guide below to understand this issue better.

The capacity of commonly used air conditioners in the world is BTU. BTU is the name of a British thermal unit, used to measure the capacity of thermal equipment, used for heating or cooling.

To determine the type of conditioner best suited for the room we use the formula:

1 m2 x 600BTU

For example, if your room has an area of ​​15 m2, you must choose the type of air conditioner with the capacity of:

P = 15 x 600 = 9000 BTU.

With this capacity you will use air conditioner with a capacity of 9000BTU or 1 HP or 1 horse. In which 1 HP is equivalent to 9000BTU or 1 horse (1 horsepower).

Below is a table of figures showing the relationship between the room size and the river capacity of the air conditioner.

How to choose air conditioner according to capacity

How to use the most energy-efficient air conditioner

Toshiba Inverter has been a power-saving air conditioner. However, when using toshiba inverter air conditioner, if you do not want the power consumption to take place, you should use the mode suitable for your needs. Depending on the weather situation, flexible use between 3 modes is AUTO – COOL – DRY.

Reasonable increase or decrease in temperature

According to research results from well-known air conditioners, the most ideal temperature for human health is 26-27 degrees C. Therefore, you can actively change the temperature of the conditioner accordingly. most with the number of people in the room.

In addition, you should also turn off unused electrical equipment in the room to reduce capacity for air conditioning.

Do not open the air conditioner 24/24

The use of toshiba inverter air conditioner for a long time can affect your health, consume a lot of electricity and affect the life of the machine. Therefore, at times when the room temperature is not too severe, turn off the air conditioner, turn on the fan and open the window. This saves both electricity and makes air circulation in the room better, avoiding harmful bacteria accumulation.

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Do not open the air conditioner for 24 hours

Do not turn off Toshiba air conditioner continuously

Many people have the habit of turning on the air conditioner and then turning it off, after it has ceased, then turn on again. This is a bad habit, negatively affecting the life of the device. Do not turn off the air conditioner continuously. Turning on the air conditioner continuously and turning off 30 minutes before leaving the room is the most optimal.

Regularly clean the air conditioner periodically

Periodic cleaning helps to remove dust and dirt in the machine, making it more stable and killing harmful bacteria inside. For normal families when using toshiba air conditioner, clean the machine every 6 months.


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