Instructions on how to use the "Anti-virus" function on BeeDoctor

Instructions on how to use the “Anti-virus” function on BeeDoctor

Using “Anti-virus” function on BeeDoctor is an effective measure for users against dangers lurking from the internet. Viruses can penetrate your computer in many different ways such as download links, memory cards, usb … Besides the anti-virus feature, you can also use other features such as system cleaning, increase operating system speed .. using BeeDoctor.

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Currently, there are many effective anti-virus software such as Avast, Kaspersky AntiVirus, Avira or 360 Total Security … All of them are top antivirus software. In which Avast or Avira was rated the highest. The following article, Taimienphi will introduce you to add an application that also has anti-virus function, which is BeeDoctor for your reference.
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BeeDoctor – Use the “Anti-Virus” function

Download and install BeeDoctor software for the computer: Download BeeDoctor

Step 1: After successfully downloading and installing, launch BeeDoctor and click the tab “Anti-Virus

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Step 2: Here there are 3 options for you

Fast scan: With this function, BeeDoctor only scans the most popular files and folders on the pc, this function has the advantage of fast scanning time but not highly effective.

Full scan: With this function, all files and folders on your computer are scanned. This function has the advantage of being effective but it takes a lot of time.
Scanning options: With this function, you can specify to the program to scan which drives or folders, this function will be used when you insert the USB drive and the computer or suspect which folder contains viruses.

Depending on the nature of the job, you can choose between different types of scanning. With BeeDoctor you can be assured of the safety of your computer because they automatically protect against spyware and are protected in real time. In addition, you can refer to the system optimization software such as CCleaner or Wise Care 365 Free ….. Especially CCleaner also has the feature of uninstalling software on the computer similar to BeeDoctor.


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