Instructions on how to properly clean leather car seats

Instructions on how to properly clean leather car seats

Proper cleaning of leather car seats periodically will both keep the seats sanitary and make them more durable and beautiful.

Step 1: Carefully examine the leather seat

The owner of the car needs to carefully check the leather seat to check for holes and tears in the seat. If there is a tear or hole, it should be corrected before cleaning. Because when cleaning with water and detergent, if the chair has holes or tears, water and detergent will seep into the chair. After a while, the chair will smell unpleasant, even the chair item.

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Check the chair before attempting to clean

Step 2: Choose suitable specialized detergent

The next step is to choose the right detergent. A chemical safe enough for leather is a neutral pH solution. This solution does not cause the leather of the chair to wear out but is still capable of removing stains on the leather surface. It is best for vehicle owners to choose liquid products of high quality, great reputation, and do not contain oil or wax for the safety of the seat. Car owners should not like to be cheap because cheap detergents always have ingredients that adversely affect the leather of the seats, but the cleaning effect is not high.

Use the appropriate detergent to avoid adversely affecting the leather of the chair

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Vehicle owners should carefully read the instructions and warnings of the car manufacturer before cleaning the leather seats to avoid buying the wrong detergent. Often there will be a cleaning section in the owner’s manual for leather seats, including warnings about detergents not to use.

Step 3: Vacuum the chair

After checking the seat carefully and carefully, the owner should not wipe the seat with water quickly, but should vacuum up the dust on the front seat. This is a necessary step to properly clean leather seats. To vacuum the dust on the seats, use a vacuum cleaner, when vacuuming, pay attention to the slot between the rows of seats, do not forget to vacuum in this area. Vehicle owners can choose the right nozzle to get the best results. However, leather seats are easily scratched, so when vacuuming, you need to work very gently, not so hard.

Do not skip the vacuuming operation before wiping the seat surface

Step 4: Clean the chair with specialized detergent

After vacuuming, the owner continues to clean the leather seat with a towel dipped in warm water. Use this towel to clean the lithium dust that remains on the seat surface. Dab the cloth with the chemical and rub it on a small corner of the chair. Note using just enough chemicals, not too much. After cleaning, wipe off the solution with a soft cloth.

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If there are stains that are difficult to remove on the surface of the chair and the cleaning with a towel and detergent is not enough, use a soft bristle brush. Owners spray detergent directly onto the leather surface of the seat, then rub continuously with a brush until the stain is gone. Note that if you observe that leather seats do not have vents, do not spray detergent directly on the surface of the chair. Spray detergent on a brush with thin bristles and bristles, rubbing the stain as usual.

The brush is a useful tool to scrub away stains on the surface of the chair

Step 5: Dry the chair

After cleaning the leather seat, the owner should leave the car in the shade to limit the effects of UV rays and only sit on the car after 1 hour from the time of cleaning. If you are cleaning leather seats at night, you should leave the car in the garage because it is still a little UV radiation outside at night. In order for the leather seat to be shiny, the owner should use a clean and dry cloth, wipe the seat in a circular motion and keep the operation. This action both helps the leather of the seat shine, and is the final step of cleaning necessary for the seat.

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Another suggestion on how to clean leather car seats

If you do not want to use detergent, you can replace it with a solution of white vinegar and cold oil. Prepare this solution in a ratio like 1: 2. 1 white vinegar mixed with 2 cold oils. This solution is capable of cleaning leather seats, cleaning dust and stains, making the leather surface of the chair brighter. In particular, this solution is extremely safe for hand skin, completely different from ordinary detergents.

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