Instructions on how to identify a car with a suspension error

Instructions on how to identify a car with a suspension error

When the undercarriage makes a clattering or tinkling sound, the car suspension is most likely having problems.

The car suspension is the most important part. The main use of a car suspension system is to help the car eliminate vibrations and the impact of bumpy roads. Minimizes the physical impact on the road to the motorcycle system and helps you feel smooth while traveling on the road.

Car suspension structure

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In terms of structure, the car suspension system has 3 main parts, including:

  • Guide: Has the function to receive and transmit power between the frame and the wheel.
  • Elastic parts: The function of reducing car vibrations and ensuring smooth movement of the car when traveling on rough roads.
  • Shock absorber: It has the function to reduce wheel and body vibration and increase the grip of the wheel, avoiding the vibration that causes the vehicle to lose control and endanger you and everyone.

Shock absorbers of cars

Signs and how to check car suspension when faulty

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In addition to understanding the basic structural uses of a car suspension system, it can help to identify a car with system failure. You need to be familiar with the process of disassembling and checking the car suspension. Includes the following steps: First, you have to prepare a few items to help the suspension test go smoothly such as: gear inserts, jacks, gloves, goggles and flashlight. Next, you sit in the car, focus and drive so you can feel what the car suspension is wrong. Try to listen to the noise levels coming from your car, because the noise level will have different problems with the car suspension. Eg:

  • Grumpy Sound: This indicates a problem with the brace or fastening studs.
  • Sound noise: When the car is moving fast and the sound intensity is proportional to the vehicle speed, it means that the wheel bearing has a problem or the tire may be damaged.
  • Clinking sound: When the vehicle makes a metal collision sound, it is probably caused by a glitch in the bolt or the joints.

You should drive a car for a while to see the symptoms of the car suspension

After testing your car, let the engine cool down and continue checking the suspension (min 30 minutes). The next step is to put your hand in the hood and swing it down hard to check the car’s suspension. Meanwhile, you should observe to see if the car does not bounce. If the vehicle bounces evenly, your strut is still in good working order. With this way, you do it at all 4 corners of the car to check if the 4-corner struts have problems.

Kick firmly in the front of the car to check the suspension

Continue, you use the jack to lift the car so that the tire does not hit the ground. Then, you check the vibration of your wheel. Hold the tire firmly and shake the wheel vigorously. If you sense anything unusual in the movement of the wheel, it is likely that some details in the internal suspension have suffered heavy wear. Note above is just one of the instructions to identify and check the car suspension so that you know the errors that your car’s suspension system has. Then, take your car to the professional garage to help you maintain and repair the complete problems of the car suspension system.

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To have a comprehensive inspection garage is still the number one solution

In addition, the process for removing the car suspension requires quite a bit of operator’s technique. Therefore, you should let the skilled craftsmen help you to disassemble and inspect the most comprehensive.


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When riding, you should check the wear of your car tires. If the tires do not wear or make strange noises, you should check the car’s suspension to prevent the car from being able to handle it as you wish. When checking the maintenance of your car suspension, you should have someone knowledgeable about cars, or you should also check for errors carefully by looking at the flashlight in the back.

Check the tires carefully to find the car’s suspension failure

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