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Instructions on how to display Vietnamese without miband 4 font error for iOS and Android

These days the brothers in the Miband community are very excited about the Miband 4 bracelet that Xiaomi has just launched in the past 2 weeks. Well this is a smart bracelet worth the price for you to upgrade at a reasonable price and I also bought a local version. But one thing that makes you still not satisfied is that Miband 4 has not been able to fully display the Vietnamese language whether it is domestic or international version on both iOS and Android operating systems. However, today I will guide you guys to use and prepare to buy Miband 4 to get rid of the Vietnamese font error when receiving the message with the simplest way, while waiting for Xiaomi to provide the official version with Vietnamese:

On iOS, you download the Amaztools App:

App Amaztools when installing on iPhone

Step 1: Download the app to your phone this link:Amaztools

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Step 2: After downloading the app, install it More right corner below> on Watch language > Select Spanish

Step 3: After selecting the steps above, you can exit and message Vietnamese with accents to see the results.

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My version on Miband 4 is FW, if you haven't updated, update it

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This is the result when Miband 4 displayed Vietnamese with full font error-free markings

On Android, it is a bit more messy on iOS, but they download these two Mifit apps and Notify-fitness to their phones

Step 1: Download 2 apps Mifit and Notify Download the apk version with the link below.
Link: Drive.google.com
Link: Notify-fitness-for-mi-band

Step 2
: To enter Mifit Please install Miband4 update on the latest FW brother

Step 3
: Go to the app Notify sync with Mifit, then select tool > language Miband > Espanyol .

Step 4
: Then you escape Notify out and stop syncing with Mifit

Please note that this is only a temporary way for Miband 4 to display Vietnamese, in the near future there will be an official update, we just need to go to FW. In the process of installing, what is difficult, please comment on this article!


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