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Instructions on how to choose the best TV Remote

TV remote(aka TV control) is a very important item that is always accompanied by our daily lives. TV control makes it easy to adjust volume, channels, and set up extremely convenient and easy modes. Usually for each family after a long period of use, the remote can be damaged, paralyzed, sometimes broken or lost during use, forcing the user to buy a new Remote TV to replace. Together with Phong Vu, learn how to buy the best Remote TV, suitable for the article below!

1 / Select TV remote with the current line:

On the market today there are many famous TV companies such as Sony, Samsung, LG, Panasonic, … For each company usually the Remote has different feature models. To buy a new Remote user, you need to be aware of the TV model you are using to find the right driver. In case if you forget about the TV line you are using, you can see the back side of the TV that is labeled. Users can record or take a snapshot to meet the counselor to choose the best option.

Users can learn more:

2 / Choose to buy Remote in reputable places:

Usually, the user is less interested in buying the controller where it is good, so the controller should be genuine when it is broken quickly or flickering very uncomfortably when using it, so as to ensure the quality and warranty. , as well as reasonable prices, it is best to visit the product warranty center of the company or the big supermarkets and stores to choose to buy the best controller.

should buy the right remote television

-> References LG Smart AN-MR18BA TV control of LG 2015 Smart TV models later

3 / Temporary use method without control:

Use the phone to control

Most Smart TV series today have integrated wifi connection easily for convenience with smartphones. This method is currently used quite popular and is also known to be extremely convenient and useful. For each television company, there will be different control applications. In addition to conventional TV, users must use infrared from the phone to control.

TV control is extremely convenient by phone

Use the button right on the TV

Every type of television on the market today is designed with under-control buttons or TV side panels. The buttons with all the basic features such as turn on / off, switch channels, increase or decrease volume, settings, .. will be the method for you to "fire" extremely useful when lost or damaged remote .

Use the control button on the television

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