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Instructions on how to check whether Mobi, Vina and Viettel subscribers have "strange service" installed except for unjust money

Have you ever felt like your phone has "strange services" that are unknown from when you signed up? In the following article, Sforum.vn will guide you how to check whether mobile subscribers of Mobi, Vina, Viettel networks have installed that service or not!

Value Added Service (VAS) services on the phone such as ringback tones, ring tones, missed call notifications, games, unlimited video data clip, … bring a lot of benefits to customers. . However, in the past time, some services were registered without the subscriber's knowledge.

Explaining the cause of this situation, some carriers said that when surfing the web, customers may accidentally click the wrong link leading to the registration of VAS service without even knowing it. Or if the customer has registered but does not send a cancellation message, the service will continue.

Currently, each carrier has a messaging syntax that helps customers check for the value-added services they are signing up for. Please enter the following syntax to check your mobile subscription always!

– MobiFone: Composer KT to send 994.

– VinaPhone: Composer TK to send 123.

– Viettel: Composer TC to send 1228.

– Vietnamobile: Composer KTDV to send 345.

If your subscriber returns the result that you are using services that you have not registered before, immediately call the operator you are using to request to cancel those packages to avoid losing unjustly rewarded money.

Above is a guide on how to check whether Mobi, Vina and Viettel subscribers have "strange services" installed or not? Do not hesitate and check now!

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