Instructions on how to change the Watchface Miband 4 on iOS, Android simply

Instructions on how to change the Watchface Miband 4 on iOS, Android simply

The situation is that in the past few days you have bought a lot of Miband 4 for a very reasonable price, but usually in portable versions, I also have a temporary tutorial for the Miband 4 displaying the message. and the app informs Vietnamese for iOS and Android operating systems. However, the current Miband 4 brothers still need to change many of the bars on this miband 4 while waiting for the official Vietnamese version from Xiaomi. On miband 4, there is a bracelet setting with 50 pictures to change but it is boring, right? What needs to be fun, more strange than the other default watchface. I will show you how to change the watchface for me miband 4 is different from the default watchface for iOS and Android!

Step 1: First you need to log on the phone to the page
Next> select Miband 4 > select watchface I need to install> select download > select the purple cell line with the tail .bin


Go to to select the image and download it to the device

Step 2: Then you Download the app to your phone this link: Amaztools (this one has already been downloaded, no need to download again)


Select open in Amaztools

Step 3: Open in Amaztools in the item download The installed wallpapers are saved in this section.


In the Amaztools app the wallpapers are downloaded and saved in the download section

Step 4: You just choose your favorite brother background and press Install Wait a minute


The process of sending wallpaper to Miband 4 takes a few seconds


Wallpaper after selecting Install is complete


Results when finished sending :)



For you using Android phones, when you have a phone, I will guide you more specifically. Wishing you happy and having many beautiful wallpapers for your Miband 4!

Note: Any brother who has not done it or has any difficulties will just commend under the post to be supported to do it :) !


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