Instructions for viewing parameters (EXIF) of photos on iOS 15

( This is probably very good news for those who want to see detailed image parameters directly on their iPhone.

Previously, iOS users wanted to see image parameters (EXIF data) on iPhone, they had to upload them to 3rd party applications such as Google Photos, Flickr.. But now, iPhone users can. View this parameter directly on the system’s Photos application.

The operation to open to view information about the image is also very simple, you just need to open the photo and use the swipe from the bottom to display it. Image parameters include information about the shooting device, aperture, focal length, resolution, image size, capacity, ISO, ev or time and place of taking pictures. And yet, users can click the Adjust button to adjust the shooting time of the photo.

Currently, iOS 15 has been released for end users with a lot of new features, and battery life is not too bad. However, iOS 15 is only in the first beta versions, so there are likely to be many bugs, affecting the daily use experience. Let’s wait for more stable beta versions in the near future to upgrade.


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