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Instructions for using Ulike on PC


Ulike is an application that allows users to edit images, turn themselves into a more perfect person thanks to the tools integrated in it, in the following tutorial ElectrodealPro will guide using Ulike on PC with Android emulator software.

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Maybe you don’t know to to use Ulike on PC we need Android emulator software because Ulike is not on the computer. It is regrettable that Ulike is one of the very HOT software available today on the application stores and is widely used by its features which are extremely superior.

User ulike on pc

– Download Ulike for Android
– Download Ulike for iPhone

Instructions for using Ulike on PC

As mentioned above to use Ulike on PC we need an Android emulator and have no choice but to go beyond Bluestacks, this is the best Android emulator to help you run Ulike smoothly on PC. If your computer does not have this software please download Bluestacks here.

-> Refer to how to install Bluestackshere if you have never installed this software.

Instructions for using Ulike on PC

Step 1: After downloading and installing Bluestacks, we start using Ulike on PC by downloading this application on Bluestacks. Open the Bluestacks interface type search for Ulike.

User ulike on pc 2

Step 2: Here you can easily see the results showing Ulike because this is a famous application, click Install to proceed with the installation.

User ulike on pc 3

Step 3: After installing Ulike, we can experience and use Ulike on PC. First, let’s gives Ulike some basic permissions on Bluestacks.

User ulike on pc 4

Step 4: But before entering the software, please note that you want to copy the photos you want to use Ulike on PC to Bluestacks by clicking on the select icon. Media Manager.

User ulike on pc 5

Step 5: Into the section Imported Files then throw the image file from outside Windows.

User ulike on pc 6

If you do not see the picture anywhere, just select an item and select it again Imported Files section to see the image reappear.

User ulike on pc 7

Step 6: Now go back to Ulike and click on the photo selection icon on Ulike.

User ulike on pc 8

Step 7: Into the Camera section > photo selection Shared Photos, that’s where you just threw the photo.

application of ulike on pc 9

Step 8: Then choose for yourself a photo you want to use on PC Ulike to edit.

User ulike on pc 10

Step 9: The first is a selection of the internal effects Looks sectionThese effects are both dynamic and static.

application of ulike on pc 11

Next is the color filter option, the clear color filter Filters section quite similar to Looks, but in Filters simply color.

application of ulike on pc 12

The third part is BeautyThis is the part that makes you turn into a different person by allowing you to retouch the entire face based on the software’s recognition with the face.

User ulike on pc 13

Finally Makeup section allows users to re-makeup all face effects, colors. You can finally save it to your device to see the results after retouching your face.

User ulike on pc 14

Let’s try a quick comparison with a normal image and how is it different when using Ulike on a PC.

Application of ulike on pc 15
Using Ulike on PC will give you more choice as well as add an application to your collection to the list of beautiful photography apps. Now without being a photographer you can take better photos with Ulike, an easy-to-use free app. According to ElectrodealPro’s own assessment, indeed Take nice pictures with Ulike when thecompared to conventional shooting and it is not inferior to the current B612.



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