Instructions for using picture-in-picture mode on Android Oreo
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Instructions for using picture-in-picture mode on Android Oreo

For the past two years, Google has introduced users to Picture-in-Picture mode in the YouTube app. This is a great feature and is now available on Android Oreo devices. Here’s how it works.

Use Picture-in-Picture mode

As you know, Picture-in-Picture mode is one of the most notable features on Android Oreo, allowing users to run multitasking efficiently and perform multiple tasks at the same time.

In YouTube, when you watch a video and press the back button to find another video, the currently playing video will be moved to a small corner at the bottom right of the screen. On Android Oreo, this feature is similar. However, instead of having only a small video window limited to a single application, you can use it anywhere in the operating system. It’s like a new step in Android’s split screen layout.

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Let’s say you’re watching NF videos of Green Lights, but you also need to check Google Feed. You just need to press the Home button. This video will become a thumbnail window in the bottom right corner of the screen and you can perform other tasks besides this application. You can even drag minimized tasks to anywhere on the screen and multitask at the same time.

Picture-in-Picture mode on Android OreoMinimize the playing screen to perform other actions

To expand or close the video, just click on it to display the options. The square button in the middle of the small screen will show it in the app (for example, the picture is YouTube), and the headset icon will close the preview mode and play background audio (if you have a YouTube Red subscription) .

Meaning of icons in thumbnails

Currently, Picture-in-Picture mode only works in some Google apps: Chrome (all versions), Duo, Play Movies, Maps and YouTube. However, make sure that when Oreo becomes famous, many other applications will have this feature.

How to disable Picture-in-Picture mode for specific applications

First, pull down the notification bar and click the gear icon to access the menu Settings.

Click the gear icon to access Settings

From here, click select Apps & Notifications, then click Advanced to expand this menu.

Click on Apps & NotificationsClick Advanced

The last option here is Special App Access – Click on it.

Search option Picture-in-Picture and click.

Click Picture-in-Picture

All applications with Picture-in-Picture features will be listed here and they are enabled by default. If you want to disable any application, just click on it and swipe the slider to Off.

Select the app you want to disable Picture-in-Picture, then turn off Allow picture-in-picture

Very simple, right.


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