How does the Dry mode of Panasonic air conditioner work?

Instructions for using Dry mode of Panasonic air conditioner

The Dry mode of Panasonic air conditioner is a mode that helps to reduce the humidity in the room, helping the room to be dry and comfortable and comfortable for users. However, many people still do not understand the effect of this mode leading to misuse, causing the skin to be dehydrated, cracked, uncomfortable. So the dry mode of Panasonic air conditioner is used in any case and how to use it to be best for the body, invite you to read and learn through the following article.

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What is the Dry mode of Panasonic air conditioning?

Dry is a mode of conditioning that reduces the humidity in the room down, making the air in the room more dry and comfortable. Dry mode is often used in areas with high air humidity such as northern Vietnam, especially in the spring.

Air humidity is a major factor affecting human health. In good weather conditions, the ideal air humidity for human health is 55-65%, helping our body to escape heat and regulate good sweat and stable health.

When the air humidity is too low (less than 40%), sweat will evaporate quickly, causing the skin to become dry, cracked … At this time, the body will increase the regulation of sweat to ensure the necessary moisture for the skin. . At this time, if not replenishing water in time for the body, it will affect physiological functions.

Conversely, when the humidity in the air increases too high (over 85%) will reduce the sweating through the skin. Pores that cannot escape perspiration will affect the elimination of toxins outside the body, causing discomfort and fatigue.

High air humidity is also an ideal condition for bacteria, mold growth, proliferation of skin diseases. Especially the elderly, the elderly, children and people with chronic diseases such as arthritis, asthma, respiratory … health will be very weak at this time.

In the North of Vietnam, in the early months of spring, air humidity can reach over 90%, heavy mist, steam condensates into big droplets on walls or objects. People often call this type of weather the sky.

How does the Dry mode of Panasonic air conditioner work?

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Air conditioning mode that we often use and know the most is COOL mode. COOL is a mode that helps to purify and cool the air, helps to reduce room temperature, regulates the temperature of the body and makes us feel more comfortable and comfortable. COOL mode is often used during hot, hot temperatures.

In contrast, when the humidity in the air rises, Dry mode is often used. After starting, the air will go through the air conditioner, a large amount of steam will be condensed at the indoor unit, blowing the dry air out. The condensed water will be transferred to the storage compartment and according to the water pipe to be discharged to the outside.

The air drying cycle will be rotated continuously, ensuring the maintenance of air humidity at 60%, making the body feel dry and comfortable.

Advantages and disadvantages of Dry mode of Panasonic air conditioner

Dry mode in air conditioner also has its advantages and disadvantages, specifically as follows:


  • Reducing power consumption: Dry mode helps to dry and reduce the humidity of the air, without cooling function so make sure the amount of energy consumed will be less than COOL mode.
  • Noise reduction emitted: Because it only has the effect of air drying, the operation of the machine will emit less noise than the cool wind mode.
  • Maintain moisture in the room at a stable level, makes the body feel comfortable.


Use Dry mode for a long time, especially at dry weather can cause dehydration, dry, cracked skin, affecting health.

Above is the information and usage of dry mode in Panasonic air conditioner. Hope the article is helpful and thank you for reading.


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