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Instructions for upgrading iPadOS on Windows 10

Hello brothers, these days you must have begun to hear more about Apple's newly released ipadOS.
Today I would like to guide you how to upgrade this operating system for iPads.
I will guide you 2 ways, both ways need to download the ispw file of the device.
Note: Please remember to backup your data.
You find and download the firmware file of your device here.

Method 1:

– You will need to download the latest iTunes version.
– Next you download this tool libimobile2019 and extract it to C: libimobile2019-master

– You rename the ispw file to ios13.ispw and copy the ispw file to the above folder, then open StartMenu and tap CMD, then select Run as administrator

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Then you type in sentence 2 the following statement:


cd C: libimobile2019-master


idevicerestore.exe -d ios13.ipsw

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Then just sit and wait for the results.

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Method 2:

I find this way simpler and less error-prone.

You also download iTunes the latest version as above, then download the 3utools version 2.35 here.
Next you open the Flash & JB tab, choose the firmware version of 13beta.

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In this step, if you have downloaded the firmware, you can click the import button next to the download button or choose to download if you have not done the above steps.

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Then just click Flash and wait for 3utool to do everything himself.

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During the installation process, do you have any difficult errors, please comment, I will try to support you as much as possible.


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