Instructions for playing Outworld Destroyer 7.28

No hero in Dota 2 history has been remade or renamed so many times as OD. IceFrog had a hard time figuring out the identity for the hero. There are times when the hero is too strong, there are times that OD is almost useless even though the game is completely in my favor. For the time being, OD is probably an overpowering mid hero and today’s article will analyze why, as well as how to make good use of OD in high ranks.


Let’s start with the basics: What does the OD really change in 7.28? Astral Imprisonment has been reworked and now steals a percentage of the enemy’s maximum mana, giving it a great coordination with OD’s ultimate. And unlike previous combos, this change is stronger towards the end of the game while posing more danger to Intelligence heroes.

The increased cast range for Astral Imprisonment is also important in mid. With a 24-second cooldown with a minimum duration of 1.75 seconds, any hero without a nuke in mid will have a hard time competing with ranged creeps. Overall, OD just went a circle back to its old mid dominance. However, the current Astral Imprisonment also deals damage. Specifically, it is among the most powerful basic nuke moves with 360 damage at level 4.

Arcane orb is slightly different. It uses the fixed amount of mana in your current mana pool and deals damage as a percentage of your current mana. It works like an old hand attack and does a great deal of damage, but since now uses a percentage of current mana, OD can use more. And it has even higher burst damage potential.

Overall, the dizzying changes in 7.28 accelerate OD’s pace in teamfights. Previously, OD needed a few seconds to stack more mana for the ultimate teamfight Sanity’s Eclipse. Now the hero has the ability to finish a teamfight faster, while the damage potential is higher than before. Meanwhile, the ability to fight in long combat is not affected much since OD can still stack his maximum mana with multiple Astral.


Meteor Hammer, pretty ridiculous, isn’t it. Since the appearance of this item, the general opinion about it has changed a lot and now most gamers understand that this item can be a valuable tool if using the right hero. OD is one of those heroes: OD unleashes Meteor Hammer through Astral. This combo alone already deals nearly 800 damage. Followed by an Arcane Orb and possibly Eclipse, you will get a 5-second combo that deals dozens of damage, not in time for the enemy to react unless they have a BKB or a low cast-point spell.

Reading these tutorials, we almost realize that most ODs are just fine with early-game Meteor Hammer, before they move on to surviving or maneuvering items: BKB or Blink Dagger. After the game, high level OD will usually have both and the order of items depends on the enemy formation and how dangerous you feel the enemy’s magic damage and disables.

Another very interesting item for OD is Witch Blade. With 30 basic intelligence and a 4.2 gain per level, OD is among the smartest heroes in the game and can maximize the item’s shadow and DoT effects. Don’t expect Witch Blade to do a lot of damage, but it will help you against fast-moving, agile objects.

Towards the end of the game, Shiva and Scythe were still great items for OD as usual. Depending on the battle, which item you will want to build first. If the enemy has high magic damage and maneuverability, it’s better to go first to Scythe. Otherwise, Shiva is a sensible attack and defense tool that reduces physical damage, creates vision, and reduces the healing effect of the enemy.

OD is more than just farming and farming

Now, OD doesn’t have to focus solely on farming. You don’t sit in the lane and play passively. Once the Meteor Hammer is obtained, the player can initiate rotation.

The last plus point for the hero is the increased movement speed. OD now moves 325. This stat is important in strategy, as OD now moves 80% faster than heroes in the game. Not to mention, in mid, OD can also compete with runes and move to the side lanes faster, as well as exert great pressure in the early stages when heroes don’t have BKB. Take advantage of this.

OD level 7 deals around 1000 damage, which is quite powerful with a mid hero, more than enough to finish off most of the early game cores. Alternatively, the player can use the Meteor Hammer to push the lane, usually after a successful gank.

As OD, you have no instantaneous farming potential, so don’t focus on farming. Play OD as the heroes: Queen of Pain, Leshrac or Death Prophet and let carry fulfill their mission. Try to turn kills to complete the goals on the map.


Let’s take a look at OD’s win rate after many small updates. Heroes from a win rate of only 40% are now close to 55% at Divine rank or higher. OD’s strong mid presence frequency is 1 out of every 5 games in Legend rank and above.

The hero will definitely be nerfed. But the question now is whether OD will be nerfed to the point of disappearing completely or are it just minor tweaks to the hero’s balance? The answer belongs entirely to IceFrog.

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