Instructions for installing and using Babylon

Instructions for installing and using Babylon

With Babylon on the computer solution, users can quickly look up words and translate documents in many languages ​​in the world to their desired language with just a few clicks, so you will save time, improve work or study performance.

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With rich language database, Babylon dictionary software on computer helps users translate quickly and accurately many languages ​​in the world. Besides, the dictionary Babylon has precise interpretation of technical terms, so that you can quickly read and understand specialized materials such as economics, biology, informatics, …

guide and use babylon

Instructions for installing and using Babylon

If you are looking for a multi-language dictionary, quick translation on your computer, Babylon will be a good candidate. And now, let’s go find out with Taimienphi install Babylon and use it effectively offline!

Instructions for installing and using Babylon on a computer

Instructions to download and install Babylon dictionaries

Step 1: First of all, you go to the link and click Download to load Babylonabout computers.

Step 2: After the download is complete, you right click to the installation file, select Run as administrator .

guide and use babylon 2

Step 3: Babylon installation window appears, click next to move to the next step or choose Browse … and reset the installation location to the dictionary;

guide and use babylon 3

Step 4: Check the item Add desktop and quick launch icons if you want to create Babylon icon on screen and menu bar.

Click Accept and Install to agree to the terms of use and start the installation;

guide and use babylon 4

Step 5: You enter your email address to receive in the dialog box to receive updates from Babylon, then press Done ;

Instructions and use of babylon 5

Babylon Dictionary User Guide

Step 6: You open the software on the computer, select the card Dictionary . Here you enter the word you need to translate and press Enter . The software will automatically present the results

Instructions and use of babylon 6

Step 7: If you need to translate a text, select a tag Text Translation .

Enter the text to be translated into the dialog box. Choose flag icon on the left matches the original language of the text, flag icon on the right suitable for the language you want to translate. Then press the button Translate ;

guide and use babylon 7

In addition, Babylon also adds file translation functions, currency conversion, … and many other interesting features waiting for you to discover. Hope that Taimienphi ‘s introductory article on how install Babylon on the computer and using this dictionary will help you quickly get acquainted and work more effectively. Good luck!
Lac Viet is a software that supports Vietnamese translation is also very good, for your reference How to use Lac Viet to look up dictionary on Lac Viet mtd9 EVA here.


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