Instructions for cleaning beautiful AirPods "like new"

Instructions for cleaning beautiful AirPods “like new”

( AirPods are easy to get dirty if you don’t clean them regularly.

The image of AirPods that have been “yellowed” by earwax, dust clinging to each speaker mesh must not be strange anymore. It gives us an extremely uncomfortable feeling when using, even reducing the sound transmission quality of the AirPods. However, only using a dry cloth to wipe those stains still cannot be completely cleaned. Here is a method to help you “handle” your AirPods smoothly.

In a video posted by Julius Kaveckas on YouTube, this guy shared how to clean the AirPods step by step, very detailed but very effective and you can completely follow. The tools he uses to clean the AirPods include, bleach, a broom and a small vacuum cleaner. And in just a few minutes, your AirPods will be as clean as new. Let’s watch the video and follow along.


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