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Instead of spending time on social networks, we can read about 200 books a year

Once, people asked Warren Buffett about his secret of success, Buffett pointed to a pile of books and said: "Read 500 pages like this every day, which is exactly how knowledge is mobilized. It makes us grow, beneficial enough. You can all do that, but I'm sure not many of you do that …"

Enough enough, I found on the Quartz page that there was a good article sharing about reading, so I translated it for you to read and reference:

When I found out about Buffett's words, I realized something was wrong. It was in December 2014, I just found myself a dream job. One day, I was there, doing my favorite job, and thinking "God, what would it be like if I was like that at the age of 40, would I die like that?"

I have all: good grades, leadership, recommendation, college degrees, dream jobs, I seem to be the winner, almost finished the human race. I still live in a pink life, like there's something bad, so wrong … Every day, in that "dreaming" desk, I look at the eyes of those around me: empty, Not feeling.

Until January 2015, I accidentally read Buffett's sentence, and I decided to read hard, continuously for two years (the time the author wrote the article in 2017). I read, read, read and read until I found a meaningful answer to the question above.

I could not read up to 500 pages a day, but continuously for 2 years, I read more than 400 books from one book to another. I realized that reading decisions was one of the most important decisions in my life. The books that give me the courage to go on a trip, give me the persuasion to give up the meaningless work that is doing, give me models of heroes, about the meaning of life that I am at the time There is no.

I would like to share that, 200 books a year is a great achievement, it sounds great, but the truth is: AI ALSO CAN DO IT. And to do that, we need to have some immutable rules:

1. Don't give up without starting: When we listen to 500 pages a day, most will react and say, "It's easy." We will then pretend to be able to avoid this without trying to see if it is possible. The familiar excuses would be: I'm busy, I'm not smart enough, books are not for me, … just like Buffett says anyone can do it but few do.

2. Making a small problem: How long does it take to read 200 books a year? The average reading speed (for Americans) is about 200-400 words per minute. A typical book about 50,000 words. Now making a simple calculation that the 6th grade children can do = costs 417 hours a year for reading. Most of us work just 40 hours a week, so is the number of 417 languages ​​too big?

3. The answer is here: Find time. If you think 417 hours a year is a lot, here are some average calculations that show we spend about 608 hours on social networks, media, and 1642 hours for watching TV. . That means more than 2000 hours a year we spend on "can-say-surplus". During that time, we could easily read more than 1000 books a year. The fact that reading is not difficult, and we have enough time to do it, the problem is that we are too distracted in other things.

4. Immediately: we are often delayed, here are some ways to make reading more interesting:

Create the right environment: avoid communication devices in those when not needed because it's addictive. Remove all distractions during the reading process and make the books easy to see as easy as possible.

Creating habits: willpower is not enough to change the way of life, it always goes missing when we need it :)) we need to create a habit of not moving, this one, you should understand : D

Read diversity: remember that we read books to be broad, not read to be experts, so read a variety of genres and content so that everything is less boring. Also have different reading styles: paper books, e-books, audio books, etc …

I think this is a good article. Reading books really has more benefits than we think, although it's true that getting started is a bit boring, but it will help your brain not be "bottled", especially in your free time. I wish you all will be more diligent : D

Lê Phú Khương

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