Lắp đặt camera IP quan sát cho gia đình

Installation of CCTV cameras in Ho Chi Minh City for families and selection criteria

The criteria for choosing to install CCTV cameras in Ho Chi Minh City for the best family do you know? Should I install it myself at home? Let’s find out together!

CCTV is a useful device for many households and businesses today. No solution is perfect, but the security system will help a lot. Help protect people and property better. Please base on the criteria for choosing to install CCTV cameras in Ho Chi Minh City for families below. To make the right decisions. Find out with Vuhoangtelecom right in this tutorial!

IP camera for home

Criteria to consider when choosing an IP camera for home

Do-it-yourself installation or choose a service provider?

Want to install your own camera for your home? There are two useful options for you: Install CCTV in Ho Chi Minh City . Wireless wifi camera type and camera with PoE power. Wireless cameras use Wifi waves to transmit and receive data over the network. This device has many advantages such as easy configuration, no need for wiring and relatively cheap price. However, only suitable for areas with a small area and need a strong enough Wifi transmitter. To ensure fast, stable signal.

If you do not want to affect the aesthetics of your house or your house, it is difficult to change the structure. If you do not want to install a camera that affects the overall architecture, you should choose a camera that uses PoE power. The advantage of this product line is that it uses an Internet cable to transmit signals and power the camera at the same time. Only one Internet cable is required to connect.

Install CCTV cameras for home

The advice for customers is to choose a wireless camera for a small space and can be installed by yourself. PoE cameras will be suitable for medium-sized applications such as factories, villas… that require professional installation services. Wired cameras have a stable signal and are better than wireless cameras. And not suitable for professional system solution. With simple systems such as wifi cameras, users can completely install themselves at home. For other systems, it is necessary to consider choosing the service of a reputable unit. Save time and avoid costs.

Should you choose a cheap CCTV camera?

Of course, if the economic conditions are good, choosing cameras from big brands with good quality and high efficiency will have a high price. This rule applies to all products, not just cameras. Manufacturers are always racing every day to apply new and improved technologies. Bringing high-quality products to dominate the market, leading in the field. However, if you are not a person with high expertise in this field, it will be difficult to distinguish between cheap and high-priced surveillance cameras.

IP camera installed in the home

Some notes when choosing a cheap full set camera

  • Compare the performance of product hardware through viewing angle, resolution, video storage capacity as well as video analysis capabilities
  • Refer to product reviews and demos from reputable sites in advance
  • Pay attention to warranty and after-sales policy
  • Before choosing to buy, try and experience the web and mobile viewing application. To be sure to use and be satisfied with the design of the application.
  • For some positions that are not so important, you can choose a cheap camera. For sensitive areas, you should choose a high-quality genuine camera. Various brands can be selected, as long as the Onvif standard is supported.

Do you need a video save and playback function?

Most products surveillance camera All allow saving and reviewing when necessary. However, there are still many old generation cameras with extremely cheap prices on the market today. And this feature is not supported. Therefore, before deciding to buy, you must carefully read the specifications written on the product.

Video storage capacity is also an issue to keep in mind. The higher the memory card capacity, the longer the data storage time. See if the price includes a memory card or not.

Note: In case the user mounts the camera in many different locations, it is recommended to equip an additional video recorder. To form a complete system. There have been many cases of customers regretting choosing a camera with too low capacity. The complete security camera kit will include a recorder, camera and mobile viewing software.

Install CCTV cameras for home

Above are the criteria for installing CCTV cameras in Ho Chi Minh City for the best family that customers need to know. If you have any questions, need advice and support, please contact Hotline 1900 9259.

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