Install more fonts for computers, laptops

Install more fonts for computers, laptops

In addition to the default fonts on Windows, users can also install additional fonts for computers and laptops to create beautiful, unique and strange fonts when typing. If you do not know how to install fonts on your computer, the following article ElectrodealPro will guide you in the most detailed installation.

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Because when installing the operating system for the computer, the default fonts are quite few and limited and the case you encounter errors during use is unavoidable. So for you to enter characters without error in font, today’s article I would like to introduce you to how to install more fonts for the computer.

Add more font for the computer

Instructions to install more fonts for computers, laptops.

Method 1. Install fonts via C: Windows Fonts.
Method 2. Install fonts directly.
Method 3. Install fonts via Control Panel.

Install more fonts for the computer

To install more fonts for your computer, you first need to download Fonts for your computer.

=> Link to download Font VNI for Windows

=> Link download Unicode Font for Windows

=> Link to download Calligraphy Font for Windows

=> Link to download beautiful fonts for Windows

=> Link download Font UTM for Windows

=> Link to download Full Font for Windows

Option 1: Install fonts via C: Windows Fonts.

Step 1: After downloading the font, open the file, select the fonts you want to install and then select Copy.

Step 2: Into the My Computer, copy the font you want to install into the folder C: Windows Fonts.

Then the computer will automatically install those fonts for you

Method 2: Install fonts directly

You can directly install fonts by clicking on those fonts, then right-clicking and selecting Install.

Method 3: Install fonts in Control Panel

In this article ElectrodealPro direct instructions on Windows 10. If you use Windows XP, 7, 8 or 8.1 you can refer to the way to the Control Panel to follow.

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Step 1: To open the Control Panel press the key combination Windows + R and enter Control panel into the search toolbar.

install font on the computer

Step 2: If the Control panel is not displayed Fonts then select the item View and choose Large iocns as shown in the picture.

Step 3: Select file Fonts to open the Fonts folder.

Step 4: Copy the selected font here.

So the fonts are fully installed. And you no longer worry because of missing fonts, so you always get font errors.

The above article has introduced you to the most effective way to install more computer fonts with 3 common ways. Through this article we hope your font error will be fixed.
If you are a Chinese learner and want to install Chinese Fonts for your computer, you can refer to how to install Chinese Font here.

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