Install and use USB Disk Security to protect USB safely

Install and use USB Disk Security to protect USB safely

USB Disk Security is a tool that supports the prevention of Viruses spreading of the USB port. This is a very important piece of software for any computer user. However, not many people know how to install this software correctly. Here is the article instructions to install USB Disk Security popular today.

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USB Disk Security is a utility that helps you safely protect your computer from the intrusion of Virus, Spyware or Rootkit spreading through devices connected by USB such as USB, portable hard drive, memory card socket … As a result, your computer will be returned to maximum performance and improve Internet access.

What are the benefits of installing USB Disk Security?
– Detect and remove Viruses spreading through devices using USB connection.
– Protect important data and personal information in the computer.
– Return of performance to the computer.
System requirements
– Install USB Disk Security on computers using Windows operating systems from Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista / 7/8 (32 bit and 64 bit) versions.
Instructions to install USB Disk Security on the computer
Step 1: Open the folder containing the USB Disk Security setup file which is saved as a name usb-disk-security.exe. Download the latest version of USB Disk Security here.
Install usb disk security
Step 2: A window appears allowing you to choose the most suitable language to use. Click OK
guide usb disk security
Step 3: Select the folder containing the installation file by clicking Browse or use the path that the manufacturer provides (usually drive C: ). Click next.
How to install usb disk security
Step 4: Check “Set Linkzb as browser’s start page“If you want to set Linkzb as the homepage of the browser you are using, or you can deselect if you do not want.
Click next.
Install USB disk security on pc
Step 5: Select one of the two available options or choose both when you want the utility’s icon to appear on the desktop or to boot right after the installation of USB Disk Security is complete.
Click next.
Install usb disk security on windows
Step 6: Complete the operations by clicking Install to start installing USB Disk Security.
How to install usb disk security on windows
Step 7: It takes a certain time for the USB Disk Security installation to finish, select finish.
USB disk security installation understand
Manual USB Disk Security protect USB
Successfully installed the software on the computer. The interface of USB Disk Security as shown below.
interface USB disk security

The main features displayed on the program interface give you a safe choice of USB protection.

USB Shield:

The program will automatically detect viruses and notify you through USB Shield when the computer has a USB connection. If it detects a virus, the software will automatically warn. Want to delete the virus you click Delete All to destroy found dangers.

Directions for USB Dick Security

USB Scan:

Scan all over USB, you choose the card USB Scan on the left then click Scan. After the scan is complete, press Delete All to kill virus (if any).

Install shroud in USB Dick Security

Data Protection:

Allows detection and prevention of viruses spreading via USB.
Feature Data Protection There are two USB protection modes USB Access Control (Create USB protection by preventing access) and USB Drive Control (disable USB port on the computer).

The above article wants to guide you how to install USB Disk Security so that it is most effective during use. With this installation method you can use USB Disk Security to protect USB data safely on the computer.


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