Instagram will support video up to 60 minutes

Citing sources close, Wall Street Journal said Instagram is about to add a new feature that allows it can accept videos running at lengths up to 60 minutes.

According to PhoneArena, at the moment this Facebook photo-specific social networking application only supports videos with a length of no more than 60 seconds. This means that the new limit will be many times higher. With this limit raised, Instagram will work with content providers and publishers interested in sharing videos here.

Instagram was acquired by Facebook in 2012 for $ 1 billion, and company co-founder and chairman Mark Zuckerberg sees high-quality video as a big trend the company is aiming for. Stepping up on video, Facebook is expected to attract more video ads, giving the company a new source of revenue. This also explains why Instagram is considering adding longer videos to its platform.

Facebook wants to make Instagram a place to monetize video ads? Photo: AFP.


With 800 million monthly active users on Instagram, advertisers can flock to the app to promote their products to long-form video viewers.

According to the source, Instagram’s final plan could change, because Instagram’s popularity does not mean that stretched videos can attract users on the app – which is not the place to draw. drag users to enjoy the video.

Kien Van
* Source: Youth


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