Sforum - The latest technology information page disable_IG_feature Instagram will delete the account manually if the user violates the terms of use

Instagram will delete the account if the user violates the terms of use

The current Instagram account of users will be more easily "colored" by violating the use policy of this social networking platform.

Yesterday, the world's largest photo / video social network Instagram announced two new changes in its policy to disable its account. The first is to start disabling the offending accounts more easily and secondly you will receive a warning before the account is permanently disabled.

Previously, Instagram's account disabling policy was only valid when the user account was violated more than allowed. Once the user crosses that "boundary", the new account is disabled and no warnings are issued. Over the past several years, a series of photographers have been disabled from account by misconceptions about this policy along with many reasons related to nude art photos.

The new policy still retains the same limit of violation, but extends it by increasing the likelihood of an account being disabled if it detects an account that has been reported repeatedly for a certain period of time. This means that even if you have only violated once, but "stuck" too many reports, your account will soon be "colored" immediately. The good news is that if your account is close to Instagram's limit, this social network will give you a warning (as in the picture below).

Sforum - The latest technology information page disable_IG Instagram will delete your account if the user violates the terms of use.

The above message indicates that your account is at risk of being disabled, and provides an appeal option if this is a false warning from Instagram. The appeal process will apply to content deleted for nudity, pornography, bullying and harassment, hate / hate speech, drug and terrorism trafficking. These appeal options are expected to expand in "the next few months."

Instagram also allows users to appeal disabled accounts at the Help Center and plans to bring this option to mobile apps in a few months.

Instagram's new policy is somewhat similar to Facebook when all accounts will be disabled if too many reports are received. This may be a good way to remove many inappropriate content on this social networking platform, but it also opens up opportunities for many bad guys to use to sabotage other people's accounts (aka RIP nick).

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