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Instagram starts displaying ads on the "Discover" page within the app

From today, Instagram users will begin to see ads appearing on the "Discover" page within Instagram for Android and iOS apps.

Instagram as well as Facebook, live on the revenue from advertising is the main, and to maximize profits, from today, the Instagram social network will start inserting ads into the "Discover" page in the app. used on both Android and iOS platforms.

The "Explore" (Explore) page in the Instagram app is a page that allows users to discover and explore relevant and relevant content based on their interests. Previously, ads appeared in news boards and Stories, the "Discover" page was the only page left without ads being inserted. Now ads appearing in the Discover page will include photos and videos.

Mark Zuckerberg said Instagram users spend about 20% of their time on the "Discover" category, which previously had no ads, and this will be an opportunity for Instagram to increase ad revenue. "The" Discovery "section is where people often visit, and that's why we're interested in this page," Facebook's product marketing executive said.

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Many Instagram users may feel dissatisfied when viewing ads where they search for content related to their interests on the "Discover" page. It is already enough to insert ads into Stories and message boards. Inserting irrelevant ads into the "Discover" section may affect the user experience more or less. It is unclear whether in the next time Instagram will add ads to either personal or Direct pages.

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