Instagram star sells his own bath water for $ 30 / bottle, runs out after 3 days - Photo 1.

Instagram star sells his own bath water for 30 USD / bottle, runs out after 3 days

Belle Delphine recently gave her 3.9 million Instagram followers the opportunity to buy the bath water she soaked in for $ 30 a bottle.

Delphine posted two photos on Monday, saying they would sell these bath bottles to any "thirsty youth gamers" in need.

This 19-year-old cosplay star is famous for the content-filled Instagram of NSFW (Not Safe For Work – not to be seen at work), where she wears extremely lacking clothing and ahegao facial expressions – the kind of casual expression seen in Japanese anime and manga manga.

In June, she played well when she told her followers that she would open an account on PornHub if Instagram photos received more than 1 million likes. But instead of posting something erotic, Delphine posted only a few bullshit videos of herself petting the stuffed animals and chewing on a photo of PewDiePie.

Return to the main topic of the article. The water bottles named GamerGirl Bath Water that Delphine sells include a warning: "This water is not for drinking and should only be used for emotional purposes. "

She advertised her product by posting videos on Instagram, including scenes where she was playing in the bathtub and pouring water over her body. It seems that this game is quite effective, because those bath bottles are sold out after only 3 days!

She said on Twitter that she did not think it would burn well. "bathed so much".

"Anyone who is waiting should not worry if the goods are a bit late, I am looking for ways to get them to you as quickly as possible! "- she wrote.

Although some people are interested in this idea, others say that those who buy the bath bottle for $ 30 must be "sad" and "pathetic".

"Can we be a little civilized and don't buy this? "- a writer on Instagram.

"If you buy this then you have made the whole man disappointed "- others write.

However, there are still people who praise Delphine for her recklessness.

"I absolutely admire this girl "- one said. "She makes money from idiots. The best way to make money is from idiots, make them spend all their money on this useless thing! "

YouTuber Ethan Klein said: "Congratulations to Belle for her continued success. "

On Delphine's latest Instagram Story, she shows off to fans a dozen dozens of bathing bottles she is about to send, with the title "helping out".

Reference: Insider

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