Insoon Yi → Kim Ho-joong'You are Korea' unveiled lineup (official)

Insoon Yi → Kim Ho-joong’You are Korea’ unveiled lineup (official)

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8.15 The lineup of performers of the 75th anniversary special concert’You are Korea’ has been revealed.

On August 10th,’You are Korea’, a special concert for the 75th anniversary of the independence of Korea hosted by the Overseas Koreans Foundation and hosted by KBS Korea Broadcasting, said, “In Soon-i, Park Jeong-hyun, Forrestela, Kim Ho-jung, Lee Bong-geun, Paul Kim, Wik Miki, Min Young-chi bands, etc. I am going to appear.”

Including Korea’s everlasting diva In Soon, Park Jung-hyun, the best vocalist in the music industry, Forrestela, a crossover idol chosen by the public, Ho-jung Kim, who played a role in vocal music, trot, and song, Lee Bong-geun, an actor and Korean classical musician who played an active part as the protagonist of the movie’The Singer’, tops the music chart. The band of’You are Korea’ is the band of Min Young-chi, a performer of Seol Jang-gu (Jang-gu who searches for a book) from the third generation of Koreans in Japan.

Actor Lee Jung-eun, who has risen to the mainstream through the movie’Parasite’, drama’When Camellia Bloom’, and’I’ve Goed Once’, appears as a presenter of’You are Korea’. In particular, as they have experience leading the film’Yonggil’s Gopchangjip’, which deals with the lives of Koreans in Japan, they are planning to express their longing and gratitude toward their home country with a presentation that feels more authentic than anyone else.

‘You are Korea’ is a special concert to commemorate the spirit of courage and sacrifice of Koreans in Japan who have been committed to their country for more than 100 years in the Japanese soil while overcoming numerous discrimination and hardships. We are preparing to produce various themes through the realization of a magnificent set suitable for the 8.15 Liberation Day broadcast, and we plan to illuminate the Koreans in Japan in a three-dimensional sense with documentary video composition, presentation, and large-scale stage.

8.15 The 75th anniversary of liberation special concert’You are Korea’ will be recorded without spectators on the 13th due to the aftermath of Corona 19, and will be aired on KBS 1TV for about 85 minutes from 5:30 pm on the 15th. (Photo = provided by KBS)

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